9 Best Free QR Code Generators (2024)

Summary: This is a post that shares top 9 free QR code generators that can promote your personal brand and enhance customer engagement easily and quickly.

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QR codes can been seen almost everywhere, including stores, restaurants, stations, streets, online web pages, etc. It carries the aims of marketing, branding, and information sharing. With just a scan using a cellphone, scanners can be directed to the target page stored in the QR code. It can be an online Google Form, Review page, social media profile page, and much more.

Convenient and quick as the QR code is, business and brands are taking advantage of them to promote branding and marketing. To keep up with Jones and elevate your marketing means, you should make your own QR code tailored to your brands.

But have you ever wondered how to create a free QR code effortlessly? And what is the best free QR code generator online? How can I customize QR codes for my brands and business?

Wonder no more! In this blog, we will share 9 best free QR code generators to boost your business easily and effortlessly. Whether you want to create free QR codes for URLs, text, email addresses, contact details, and more, these free QR code maker covers them all. Let’s get started!

Best Free QR Code Generator You Should Try

1. Fotor: Best Free QR Code Maker

Fotor free qr code generator

Making QR code is easy in Fotor's online free QR code generator, suitable for all.

Free to make QR code for social media, WIFI, location, Google Form, and more.

A wide collection of customization options available.

Try Free QR Code Generator

Fotor offers a free QR code generator that requires no sign up, which makes your QR code generation experience amazing and easy. There is a wide variety of QR code types at hands, including the social media QR codes, Google QR codes, WIFI QR codes, and much more.

Besides, you can fully customize the QR codes as needed in the best free QR code generator from Fotor. From the logo shape to the CTA text, you are in the driver’s seat to make QR code free as you like.

With such a set of comprehensive QR code customization tools available in Fotor’s free QR code creator, business owners and individuals can make the visually appealing codes that align with your branding guidelines to leave an ever-lasting impression on your target customers.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about making a QR code when there’s something updated in the page stored in the code. There are two codes for you to choose from, Dynamic QR codes and Static QR codes. When you are making QR codes from URL, you can try dynamic code that updates content in real-time!

Here’s how to create free QR code in Fotor’s QR code generator online free:

homepage of fotor free qr code generator
  1. Open Fotor’s free QR code maker page.
  2. Choose the QR code generation type as needed.
  3. Then, enter all the information as required in the free QR code generator online.
  4. And you can customize the code to tailor to your brands, including color, typography, logo, CTA, etc.
  5. Download your free QR code made in Fotor in the image format you want.

2. QR Code Generator Powered by Bitly

homepage of free qr code generator powered by bitly

As the name suggests, QR Code Generator powered by Bitly is a professional tool for everyone to make the QR codes. It offers various creative QR codes ideas that you can adopt to boost your business marketing and branding, such as QR codes for business cards, flyers, brochures, and more. These QR code generation ideas cover every aspect of successful marketing.

Similarly, it offers a wide range of QR code creation types to meet different demands. You can make free QR codes from URL or text. And there are different QR code generation situations, so you can create codes for free for Vcard, e-mail, SMS, Bitcoin, App Stores, images, etc. Everyone can get a satisfying QR code as expected within a few steps in QR Code Generator.

3. The QR Code Generator Powered by beaconstac

homepage of free qr code generator powered by beaconstac

The QR Code Generator powered by beaconstac is a user-friendly and powerful tool and platform where you can create your own QR codes for free. This free QR code maker is based on two parts – generate static QR code and scan codes.

Mostly impressive part of The QR Code Generator is that you can make static QR codes for many situations, such as contact, PDF, APP, phone, email, and SMS. You just need to choose the code type you plan to generate, and follow the guides to customize the QR codes until you are satisfied.

You don’t have to log in if you are making free static QR code in The QR Code Generator powered by beaconstac, because all the content will be encoded in the image. But if you plan to generate dynamic codes, you have to log in and switch to the specific page.

4. Beaconstac’s Free QR Code Creator

homepage of free qr code maker from beaconstac

Also, beaconstac offers its own free QR code creator besides The QR Code Generator mentioned above. It is a platform that provides service for custom and trackable QR codes. Compared to The QR Code Generator powered by beaconstac, this free QR code maker offers more code generation situations, including digital business cards, menu, social, location, coupons, MP3, and image.

Beaconstac’s QR code generator supports customizations on the QR codes. Thus, businesses, brands, and individuals can take the QR code design to the next level as needed. Different from other QR code maker for free, it offers extra track analytics and GPS services. However, it requires a premium if you want to have these extra services. All in all, its free QR code generation services can meet all your basic needs.

5. ME-QR

homepage of free qr code generator of me qr

Compared to the free QR code generators, ME-QR offers much more QR code types to meet different code usage demands. Besides the QR codes from text and URL, you are allowed to create free QR codes for WIFI, PDF, Vcard, email, WhatsApp, Audio, PPTX, APP Store, PCR, Crypto Payment, Google Maps, menu, and various social media platforms.

Besides free QR code creation and customization, ME-QR allows you to manage and statistically track your QR codes easily and quickly. With such a powerful free QR code maker, it’s easy to boost your business or achieve personal aims with the free QR code made in ME-QR.

6. QR Stuff

online homepage of the free qr code generator from qr stuff

As one of the popular and powerful free QR code generators online, QR Stuff can fuel your business with its advanced free QR code generation services. Creating a free QR code in QR Stuff is super easy. You just need to select the data type, finish the code content, customize your QR code, choose the QR code image format, and select the QR code tracking and analytics services. The whole process to create a free QR code will be guided.

Moreover, you can directly download your free QR code in the JPG or PNG format. And QR Stuff offers extra services related to QR code and marketing, including QR code printing, sending QR code via email, and making a T-shirt. You can effortlessly boost your business with QR Stuff’s free QR code creator.

7. QR Code Chimp

online homepage of the free qr code generator from qr code chimp

QR Code Chimp is a free QR code creation tool. There are many codes types for you to choose, digital business cards, vCard plus, pet ID tag, coupons and much more codes situations included. And making free custom QR codes is easy, and you just need to finish 3 steps. Follow the guides, and an amazing QR code is at your fingertips.

However, what makes QR code chimp excellent is that you can create free custom QR codes online with logo. Besides the basic free QR code customizations services, every business can add its logo to the design to enhance business presentation via the QR code design.

8. QR Tiger

homepage of the free qr code generator from qr tiger

Everyone, even a beginner, can make a QR code for free effortlessly in the QR Tiger platform. It offers a user-friendly interface for you to generate your own QR codes. Firstly, choose a data type on the top menu bar, and then, you can start to enter the information and customize your QR code as needed. Once you are satisfied, you can download the free QR code.

All the QR codes made in QR Tiger are lifetime valid, so you don’t have to worry about the QR code generation quality. Amazingly, you can manage your QR codes, track your code data, and learn from your scans, which is helpful for business to understand their customers easily.

9. QR Code Monkey

homepage of the free qr code maker from qr code monkey

QR Code monkey has won over lots of fans due to its excellent free QR code creation service. It has a neat and simple-to-use interface, where users can easily and quickly understand what they need to do to make a satisfying QR code for free. This free QR code maker not only offers dynamic QR codes, but also bulk creation and editing services.

Compared to other QR code makers, QR Code Monkey offers more QR code download image format – SVG, PDF, and EPS. Plus, you can also track your QR codes and get insights about scans to adjust your marketing and branding plans.


In this blog, we have shared 9 best free QR code generator for business and personal usages. With these free QR code creators, individuals, brand owners, and companies can easily and quickly fuel marketing and promote branding. All the free QR code makers allows you to customize the codes as needed to make an ever-lasting business impression in the scanners. Hope you find this blog helpful.