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Band flyer templates in fotor
Band flyer templates in fotor

A Wide Variety of Band Flyer Templates to Bring Your Band Flyer Ideas to Life

Fotor's various band flyer templates are simply great for your upcoming band gigs! Whether you're looking for rock band flyers or live band flyers, Fotor has it all! You can always find the right one for your band among the huge number of free, printable music flyer templates. Choose and create a flyer for your band! Use this band show flyer to call your next fan! Bring your band flyer ideas to life!

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Adding photo filter to band flyer

Create Band Flyer with Free Band Flyer Maker in Minutes Online

Creating a band flyer takes only a few minutes. You just need to pick your favorite one from the band flyer templates that Fotor flyer maker provides for you. And then edit the flyer according to your personal preferences. You can directly replace the photo on the band flyer template with your band picture. Then you can add filters to the band picture. All of this requires no skills. Save your time and effort. Just put your imagination into practice with these concert flyers!

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Font option in band flyer

Highlight the Information that You Want to Show Most

The space of the band flyer templates is limited. You need to highlight the important information so that people can access it better. The band name, band location, and band time are all important information. This will ensure your fans are in the right place at the right time to see your magnificent show. Fotor's band flyer maker allows you to edit the text on the band flyer templates. You can bold, italicize, and enlarge to highlight the information you want your fans to know the most! Have a try!

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Adjusting sticker color in band flyer

Adjust Each Part of Your Band Flyer for a Better Work

Fotor provides you with more freedom to create. You can freely adjust the size and color of stickers. Copying, rotating stickers, and moving the position of stickers are also possible. In addition to stickers, Fotor has a rich collection of copyrighted images and a wide variety of fonts for you to choose from. Come and use Fotor to create concert flyers that perfectly match your band!

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Sharing band flyer on instagram

Reach Out to Every Potential Fan with Band Flyers

Post the created eye-catching e-flyers on various social media to help you increase the number of followers.

Of course, it is also possible to print off the band flyers and distribute them to the streets. Use them to find every one of your potential fans!

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Make a band flyer in fotor

How to Make a Band Flyer?

  • Start by clicking the button " Make Band Flyer Now" to get started.
  • Click the "Flyer" layout under "Templates", and search the keyword "brand" or "business".
  • Browse and choose your favorite band flyer from Fotor's band flyer templates.
  • Fill in your band information. Don't forget to highlight the most important information and adjust the stickers’ color, size, etc.
  • Download your band flyer for printing or sharing on social media.
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