AI Image Variation Generator: Spark Your Imagination

Just a few clicks stand between your current visuals and their potential variations. Embark on a journey of discovery, creativity, and inspiration with each piece.

Generate 3 image variations of an interior design image with fotor ai
Upload a lighthouse image to fotor and generate 2 variants

How to Generate Image Variations?

  • Upload Your Image: Hit the “From image” button and pick the image you want to transform from your device.
  • Select Your Preferences: Choose the specify certain preferences or styles for the variations you want to generate.
  • Generate Variations: Choose your desired number of image variations and click on the "Generate" button to let the AI work its magic.
  • Save or Export: Once you’re happy with the image variations and any adjustments, export them directly to your device for use.
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Change the hairstyle of a woman portrait

Automatically Generates Image Variations From a Source Image

With our cutting-edge AI image variation generator, you can create subtle variations to an existing image, thus transforming your images into a series of similar versions without designing from scratch.

Once you upload an image, Fotor AI will examine it and identify any objects, scenes, layouts, or other elements. Then, it will automatically generate an array of variations that align with your vision.

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Add a hot balloon to the original image by entering the text prompt

Infuse Your Creative Ideas Into the Text Prompts

The way AI creates images is arbitrary. If you feel that the generated image variations fall short of your expectations, you can customize the desired variations based on your requirements.

Brief and understandable instructions are essential for text-to-image conversion. In the written prompts, try to include the subject, detailed description, environment, lighting, art style, and image quality. By doing so, you can avoid randomness and achieve great outcomes. Explore Fotor AI's limitless design possibilities and let your creativity run wild.

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Turn a woman avatar to 3 styles including cartoon anime and illustration art

A Wide Variety of Image Variation Styles to Choose From

Fotor AI image variation generator offers diverse styles to suit the needs of different social groups and occasions. It features cyberpunk and game art styles aimed at game developers, as well as anime and cartoon styles targeted at anime enthusiasts and cartoonists. Barbie, Disney, and Christmas styles are designed to evoke a joyous atmosphere and align with online fads.

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Adjust the brightness of a sunflower image

Enhance the Generated Image Variations with Editing Options

You can enhance the image further with the use of our editing tools. To level up the image variations, you can apply aesthetic filters and effects. Alternatively, you can tweak the image's color and brightness to optimize the details and lighting.

Furthermore, Fotor guarantees a high-quality output of sharp images. It automatically improves the image quality, giving it a crisper, more professional look through noise reduction, sharpness enhancement, detail recovery, and other improvements.

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AI-Powered Image Variations: Ideal for Every Occasion

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