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Instant to turn photo to cartoon or make eye-catching cartoon avatars with the AI cartoon generator from Fotor. Free for everyone to get cartoon photos for every occasion to stand out from the rest!

Two ai generated cartoon female portraits from fotor ai cartoon generator
Generate three cartoon portraits of the uploaded female image in fotor ai cartoon generator

Cartoon Generator from Photo

Backed by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Fotor allows you to use its powerful AI cartoon generator to cartoonize a picture. Just upload your images to our free cartoon maker, choose a cartoon filter online, and you can turn picture into cartoon within a few seconds. Plus, our AI filter online offers you extra cartoon image generation until you’re satisfied. Click the button, then use our cartoon maker from photo now!

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Generate a cartoon instagram avatar from uplaoded female image in fotor ai cartoon generator

Cartoon Avatar Maker

Sometimes, it’s hard to stand out from the lists if you don’t have an attractive avatar. Luckily, you can have Fotor’s AI cartoon generator to bring some extra fun to your avatars by creating cartoon avatars. With our cartoon avatar maker, you can make avatar from photo or generate a brand-new cartoon avatar as you like. Thus, you can easily add a personal touch to your social media or gaming channel avatars by using our cartoon avatar creator!

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Three ai generated cartoon female characters from fotor ai cartoon maker

Cartoon Character Generator

You may have dreamed of creating your own cartoon character free, and our AI cartoon character generator from text is here to make it come true! It’s easy and fast to create a cartoon character in our character generator. All you need is to enter the prompts for your wanted cartoon character in the AI cartoon generator, and our AI image generator will make a cartoon character as you expect automatically. Click the button to switch to our AI cartoon character creator in no time!

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Create 3d cartoon female portrait in fotor ai 3d cartoon generator

Online 3D Cartoon Generator

Surprisingly, Fotor offers AI access to 3D cartoon characters or avatars without seeking 3D modeling software. Here with our AI Disney filter, you can get 3D Disney cartoon characters. You can also use our AI 3D cartoon generator to sketch out the 3D character design for your game assets or personal use.

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Use ai generated cartoon profile picture for twitter

Cartoon Profile Picture Maker

More than that, our AI cartoon generator allows you to make unique profile pictures with AI. You can bring freshness to your pfp by converting image to anime or cartoon. With Fotor’s cartoon pfp maker, you can make funny cartoon pfp or cartoon headshots for Twitter or Facebook to attract more viewers with ease! Click the button to use our cartoon profile picture creator now!

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A cartoon female generated in fotor ai cartoon generator

How to Make a Cartoon with AI?

  • Click the “Use Cartoon Generator Now” button to switch to our AI cartoon generator.
  • Choose the “From Image” mode on the left dashboard and upload the images that you want to turn into cartoons. And you can choose from the various cartoon styles you like.
  • Alternatively, you can click the “From Text” mode to create cartoon characters by entering the prompts for wanted cartoon characters.
  • You can decide the number of cartoon photo generations by adjusting the AI-generated cartoon images.
  • Save and download your cartoon avatars or characters until you’re satisfied.
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