AI Cartoon Avatar Maker

Upload your image to our image-to-avatar AI tool to make fascinating cartoon avatars in Fotor’s online cartoon avatar maker. Easy to get cartoon avatar, headshot, and profile pictures!

Use fotor cartoon avatar make to make two cartoon avatars from female photos
Turn a female wearing the white dress into cartoon avatar in fotor online cartoon avatar maker

Cartoon Avatar Maker from Images

Backed up by advanced artificial intelligence, our cartoon avatar creator allows you make eye-catching and cute cartoon pfp by uploading your own portraits and selfies. Then, choose your gender, and our AI will turn photos into cartoon and then output the cartoon avatar for you. The whole process just takes a minute. Click the button to use our AI cartoon avatar maker now!

Make Cartoon Avatar with AI
Make a male cartoon avatar from photo and use it as the linkedin avatar

Use our Cartoon PFP Maker for Business Use

Our cartoon avatar maker is a perfect tool for business headshot generation. If you want to stand out from the rest in the LinkedIn pages, try our AI cartoon generator to create the cartoon profile pictures! You can easily grab eye-balls with a unique and creative cartoon pfp!

Make Cartoon Avatar with AI
Make a female cartoon avatar from photo and use it as the instagram avatar

Create a Cartoon Avatar for Social Media Platforms

Want to have more likes, comments, and fans on your social media platforms? Why not give the cartoon or anime avatar a try? Streamers are always attracted by the avatars at the very first glance. So, be creative about your pfps and headshots. Use our AI cartoon avatar maker to generate the free cartoon avatars to stand out from the rest!

Make Cartoon Avatar with AI
Use fotor online cartoon avatar maker to make a cartoon dog avatar online

Make Creative Animal Cartoon Avatars

Amazingly, you can turn your pet’s images into the stunning cartoon avatars in one minute. Just upload their images to our AI cartoon avatar maker, our tool will automatically output the cute cartoon cat or dog avatars for you! Have a try!

Make Cartoon Avatar with AI
Make a cartoon avatar in fotor with ai

How to Make Cartoon Avatar with AI?

  • Click the “Make Cartoon Avatar with AI” button to switch to our cartoon avatar maker.
  • Make sure you are in the “From Image” mode. Then, upload your portraits or images to our avatar maker, choose the cartoon style you like, and your cartoon avatars will be presented on the screen in seconds.
  • Alternatively, you can click the “From Text” mode to generate the avatar from your prompts. You should describe as detailed as possible to get the best cartoon headshot.
  • Download your cartoon pfp and avatar when you are satisfied.
Make Cartoon Avatar with AI

Cartoon Avatar Maker FAQs

Can I design a cartoon avatar on my phone?

How do I upload my cartoon avatar to social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch?

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