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Create unique and original digital artworks in an easy and accessible way with Fotor’s free AI Painter.

No need for traditional drawing or painting skills to make stunning AI drawings in minutes.

Pokemon forest and canbin ai paintings from fotor ai image generator
Ai waterfall image with a fighter

AI Painter From Words

Fotor’s Ai painter can transform your imagination or dreams into reality. With the AI drawing generator, written descriptions are processed in detail and accurately, resulting in unique and original artwork.

With a variety of styles to suit your artistic aesthetic - realistic, cartoon, watercolor, oil painting, etc. Fotor's ai art generator from text can turn any word into a beautiful artistic photo!

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Turn river under mountain photo into pixel style drawing with fotor ai photo generator

AI Painter From Photo

AI Painter can quickly and easily transform a photo into different types of unique AI drawing without the need for traditional painting skills or materials.

Fotor’s AI photo generator can accurately identify image content and automatically generate four styles of ai photos, giving ordinary photos more creativity and imagination. Simply upload or drag and drop photos into Fotor's AI Painter to create unique AI artworks in just seconds.

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Anime female ai image made by fotor ai image generator

AI Anime Art Painter

AI anime is now a popular trend, and using AI image generator to create AI anime can save a lot of cost efficiency and time. Fotor's AI painter can create the desired anime in minutes, whether it is based on photos or text. It helps people without any animation experience fulfill their anime dreams and can even bring new creative possibilities and unique animation styles.

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Turn three ai generated photos as nfts

Generate AI Drawing as Extraordinary NFT

create high-quality digital artworks with Fotor's AI art generator suitable for a variety of uses such as printing, framing, or sharing on social media, or even benefit from trading as NFT. Try Fotor to create unique art assets that receive popularity and possible profit as digital art collectibles. Try it out now!

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Various ai generated photos made by fotor ai painter app

Get the Creation of AI Painting Generator on Mobile

Grab every inspiration in your life and explore the fun of AI painting anytime, anywhere with Fotor's AI Painter app. Fotor enables cross-platform synchronized collaborative editing and supports sharing account information in the cloud, ensuring you indiscriminate image editing on the go. Download Fotor now to enjoy the convenience of creating art with AI NOW!

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How to Use AI Painter?

  • Click the “Try AI Painter Now” button to AI image generator and click the “Generate” to get started.
  • Type the description of the painting as detailed as possible in the text bubble. Adjust the number and style on right toolbar. Click “Generate” and wait for seconds.
  • Or you can find “From Image” button on left toolbar to photo to art page, upload or drag and drop image you desire, and wait seconds, the four generated ai drawings will be on the page.
  • Adjust parameters or click the shortcut icon to Fotor’s AI editor to polish your painting.
  • Preview and save your AI drawing design by clicking the “Download” button.
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