Pixelate Image Instantly

Pixelate image faster than ever with the online image pixelator from Fotor. Apply instant pixelate effect to create pixel art or blur, obscure, and censor images for free.

Pixelate Minions image
Adjust the brush size for the pixelated effect in Fotor

Pixelate Image with Ease

Our image pixelator is easy to use, and everyone can create pixelated images with our free pixelate effect. Just upload your image to our photo pixelator, and our tool will automatically detect and pixelate photo with less than 3 seconds. Click the button to get your pixelated pictures now!

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turn a landscape into the pixel art drawing in Fotor ai image to pixel art maker

Online Image to Pixel Art Converter

Surprisingly, Fotor allows you to use its pixel art generator to create your own pixel art images with the help of artificial intelligence. Just upload your images to our newly-released online pixel art maker, and our AI tool will automatically turn your picture to pixel art. Whether you want to create pixel characters or pixel art, our pixel art converter will definitely meet all your need!

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Pixelate a woman photo using different pixel size

Customizable Image Pixelator

Our online image pixelizer supports personalized customization. You can change the pixel size that our photo pixelator creates by sliding the slider. With our photo pixelator, you can easily create 8, 16, and 32-bit pixel art as you like. Change the photo pixel size according to your needs to get various effects in our pixel image converter.

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Pixelate the man and skateboard image by hand

Fine-tune Pixelated Images

Besides applying the pixel filter to the whole picture, you can pixelate part of an image by using our image depixelizer tool. Erase the extra pixelated picture part to keep your original image subject, or add a pixelate effect to rest part. Even in subtle places, Fotor also can achieve image pixelation.

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Change the contrast and brightness of flower pictures after pixeling

More Than Image Pixelator

Fotor is not only a pixel art converter but also a photo editor. After pixeling a photo, you can resize your images, and change the contrast and brightness of your pictures. With it, getting perfect pixelated images is so easy.

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How to Pixelate an Image?

  • Pixelating image online couldn’t be easier with Fotor. Click the "Pixelate Image Now" button on this page.
  • Upload the image you wish to pixelate by clicking "Open Image".
  • Click "Mosaic" to select the pixelated style. There are 3 different styles for you.
  • Dag and drop your mouse to add pixel effect to your picture.
  • You can also change the pixel size and brush size by sliding the slider in the left toolbar. Use erase pencil to change the pixelated area.
  • When you are satisfied with the look, download your pixelated image in PNG and JPG file format or share it online.
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Easily Pixelate Images with Fotor

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