Convert Image to Pixel Art

Fotor image to pixel converter enables you to convert your image to pixel art. Don't need any photo editing skills, and 100% free!

Add pixel grids to your image and take it to the next level today.

Turn an image to pixel with Fotor
Easily convert an image to pixel

Convert Image to Pixel Art with Ease

Fotor image pixelator makes it easy to convert images to pixels, you can get pixel art without any editing experience. Simply upload your image, and apply our pixel filer, you can get a stunning and cool pixelated image in seconds. Creating pixel art image has never been easier!

Convert Image to Pixel
Apply cool pixel effects to a flower photo with Fotors pixel converter

Create Cool Photo Effects with Image to Pixel Converter

Experience the ultimate nostalgia of 90's arcade games with Fotor's incredible image to pixel art converter! With three unique pixel art effects to select from, including the classic square pixel grid, triangles, and hexagons, you can effortlessly transform your image into a visually striking pixelated masterpiece in seconds.

Convert Image to Pixel
Adjust the brush size for the pixelated effect in Fotor

Easily Adjust Pixelation Level

Generate pixel art from an image while maintaining complete control over the pixelation effect. Utilize the slider to effortlessly modify the pixelation level of your image. Easily adjust the degree of pixelation to align with your design and artistic vision.

Convert Image to Pixel
Obscure the license plate number with a pixel effect

Locally Pixelate an Image

Fotor's image to pixel art maker allows you to selectively pixelate and blur specific areas, which is ideal for maintaining the privacy and security of your photos, as well as for censoring images. Whether you're looking to create extraordinary artistic effects or ensure the confidentiality of your images, our image to pixel converter has you covered.

Convert Image to Pixel
turn a landscape into the pixel art drawing in Fotor ai image to pixel art maker

Powerful AI Image to Pixel Art Generator

Fotor goes beyond just adding filters and effects to your photos. The powerful AI-powered pixel art generator allows you to turn your images into stunning pixel art! Simply upload your images to our advanced photo to pixel art generator, choose a style you like, and watch in awe as your images are automatically transformed into pixel art masterpieces. Whether you want to create pixel game characters or pixel backgrounds, our pixel art maker has you covered.

Convert Image to Pixel
Convert a portrait to pixel with Fotor s image to pixel converter

How to Convert Image to Pixel?

  • Firstly, click the "Convert Image to Pixel" button to get started.
  • Upload the image you want to pixelate.
  • Click the "Mosaic" tool on the left tool menu, and select a pixelated style from square, triangle, and hexagon style.
  • Drag the mouse and apply the effect to your image for pixelation.
  • Additionally, you can modify the brush and pixel sizes by dragging the slider on the left toolbar. To edit the pixelated area, use an eraser pencil.
  • When you are satisfied with the look, download your pixelated image in HD file formats.
Convert Image to Pixel

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