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Create and visualize your stories into captivating comics using Fotor’s AI comic generator. Let AI revolutionize the way you create comics and enjoy the innovatively fast and easy AI tool to generate engaging comic scenes!

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Generate a girl walking on the street comic scene in the fotor ai comic generator from text

Instantly Turn Your Story into AI-Generated Comic

Creating comics online has never been easier before since the rise of artificial intelligence technology. Everyone can make comics from story text using our AI comic generator. Whether you are untrained or inexperienced, you can quickly make comics online with our AI comic builder. Enter your story text, choose the style you like, and you can have the AI-generated comics within a few seconds. Your whole story will be completed with matching AI characters, backgrounds, and even dialogues.

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Transform Your Images into AI Comics

Use our AI manga maker for inspiration when necessary. Our comic maker allows you to create your own comic scenes from your own images. You can even turn yourself into an American comic or Japanese anime character by using our online comic generator in less than five seconds. Upload your picture, and witness your magical American superhero-like transformation to get inspired for your comic design and creation with AI.

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Multiple Styles Available in AI Comic Generator

Fotor offers you a variety of AI comic generation styles to meet various needs. Our comic maker covers almost every popular comic style in the market, such as American comics, color manga, pixel, anime, and line drawing. Our AI art generator for comics is ready to visualize your storytelling with your wanted style. Click the button and give our AI comic generator a try!

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Edit the ai generated comic scenes with speech bubble and other tools

Go Further with AI Comic Maker

After generating comic scenes, our AI comic creator is ready to take your artwork to the next level. You can add speech bubbles to complete the dialogues or use our strip template to make comic strips. Use our comic generator to customize and perfect your comics!

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Generate girl in the corridor comic scene in fotor ai comic generator

How to Make Your Own Comic with AI?

  • Click the “Try Free AI Comic Creator” button to get started.
  • Enter your story text, and choose the comic style you like.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and our AI comic generator will visualize your story with engaging comics.
  • Then, you can customize and perfect your artwork with the comic materials and elements in Fotor Design.
  • Download your AI comics when you are satisfied.
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