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Instantly add speech bubble to photo online for free, give your photo a voice! Hundreds of text fonts and types of speech bubbles to choose from.

Easily make your own speech bubble with Fotor's text bubble generator online in minutes.

Add coloful speech bubbles to a funny portrait with Fotor
An orange photo with a speech bubble

Add Speech Bubble to Photo Easily

Fotor makes it easy to add speech bubble to photo in minutes without professional design skills. Simply upload your image, choose one thought bubble from our bubble sticker library, and then add your text. Putting speech bubbles into photos has never been so easier. You can even customize the color and size of the speech bubbles. Make your own speech bubble and spice up your photo instantly!

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Add a blue speech bubble to a cute dog photo

Add Text Bubble to Photo to Make Your Photo Speak

Tired of adding monotonous and boring text to your photos directly? Try adding speech bubbles to pictures and make them speak out! Add text bubbles to your images instantly with Fotor's text bubble generator, making your images interesting in just a few easy steps. The speech bubbles on pictures will definitely make your photo stand out.

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Edit a dog photo with speech bubble stickers and fonts

Make Your Own Speech Bubbles

Fotor makes speech bubbles customizable. You can freely make a speech bubble design and add your own speech bubble to photo. Fotor offers types of speech bubbles such as cartoon text bubbles, comic text bubbles, transparent bubbles, and more. Browse and choose one that perfectly matches your image and emotions. You can change anything of the bubbles, from size to color to fonts. Now, grab the speech bubble generator and create something cool!

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Turn a woman portrait to a cartoon photo

Create Your Comic Book with Fotor Speech Bubble Maker

Combine the speech bubble maker with Fotor's cartoonizer to spice up your images. Add a comic book speech bubble to the photo to make your photo look like something from a comic book in a few steps. Whether you want to add a vintage American comic speech bubble or a cute Japanese cartoon bubble to your photo, Fotor has got you covered! There's nothing cooler than adding cartoon speech bubbles to your photos.

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An old man is saying what

Make a Funny Meme with Speech Bubble Generator

Spark some laughs with a playful meme. The speech bubbles on pictures are always the finishing touch. To make a meme, just utilize funny ideas with Fotor's meme generator, and then, add speech bubble to photo. That's it! Share the memes with caption bubbles with your friends and family, which will surely make them laugh.

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Add speech bubble to photo with fotor photo editor

How to Add Speech Bubble to Photo?

  • You can add speech bubbles to photos with ease. Click the button "Add a Speech Bubble Now".
  • Upload your image.
  • Find the "Elements" tool in the toolbar on the left,type "bubble" in the search box to get the bubble stickers,and choose a favorite bubble there.
  • Adjust the size and color of the dialogue bubble, etc. Then select the "Text" tool on the left to add your own text and ideas to your bubble, and customize the font and color of the text
  • That's it. Save your photo in the desired file format.
Add a Speech Bubble Now

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