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Create a comic strip online with Fotor’s free comic strip maker. Combine your life with comics to create your own comic strip designs.

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Make Your Own Comic Strip Instantly for Free

Beginners who want to create a comic strip on their own must not know where to start. Fortunately, Fotor’s comic strip maker allows you to make some simple comic strips quickly with awesome comic strip templates.

Without any photo design or painting skills, everyone can make a comic free and easily with Fotor’s powerful online comic strip creator. The storyboard creator allows you to bring your story to the comic as easily as choosing a template.

Why not have a try? Click the button below to make your own comic strip now!

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Create a Comic Strip Instantly With Massive Comic Strip Templates

Comic strips have always been a popular art form for presenting stories and complex concepts with images or dialogue. Fotor's comic strip maker offers various types of strip template and speech bubble stickers, such as cartoon strip template; storyboard comic strip template and even comic book strip template.

Fotor’s comic strip generator gives full control of templates so that you can make your comic strip creatively and easily with the pre-made comic strip templates.

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Perfect Comic Strip with Multiple Customizations

Except for making comic strips from your own materials, Fotor’s comic strip generator provides a vast number of elements and comic materials to meet all your needs.

Many stickers, filters, frames, and powerful editing tools of Fotor's photo editor are available for customizing and creating your own comic. Explore more with Fotor’s online comic strip maker to perfect your design!

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How to Make a Comic Strip?

  • Click “Make Comic Strip Now” to the comic strip design page.
  • Find "Templates" on the left tool menu, and enter the keyword "comic strip" in the search box.
  • You can find there are many comic strip templates on the left. Choose one you like to edit the text to suit your need.
  • Then you can adjust the color, size, position, font style and other settings of your design. You can also add sticker to customize your comic strip.
  • Once you are satisfied with your comic design, you can click “download” and save your image. Then you can share it to your friends or post it on social media platforms.
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