3D Face Maker Online

Generate creative 3D face for any purpose in minutes with Fotor online 3D face maker. Conveys your ideas about 3D face into engaging image with multiple styles!

Yellow hair boy pink hair girl and brown hair woman 3d faces made by fotor 3d face maker
Convert lady photo to anime image and turn it into instagram avatar

3D Cartoon AI Avatar

Creating an exclusive 3d AI avatar for your social media accounts is a particularly trendy option. Whether it's generating animated avatars from private photos or using your own imagination, creating completely non-existent hip 3d avatars can be easily achieved in Fotor 3d face maker! With just a few simple steps you can automatically generate many types of 3d avatars!

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3d game characters of jellyfish girl and muscle man

3D Face Game Character Model

Running out of inspiration for creating 3D anime games characters? Why not come to Fotor for some new inspiration? Get more inspired designs with fast randomly generated simulated 3D face models with key phrases! Pre-designed 3d models can be trained to deliver a constant stream of 3D faces of all types, adding new blood to your game or animation!

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3d vtuber boy image with likes

3D Cartoon Character for VTuber

3D character VTuber has become popular. 3D face maker from Fotor is based on advanced artificial intelligence technology that can be trained to generate Vtuber models and assets. Easily create 3D Vtuber characters or background elements with as detailed a description as possible, offering the possibility of touchable Vtubers for non-professionals. Make popular AI VTuber models to boost your live streams!

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Create five types of female 3d face image in fotor app

Experience 3D Face App at Your Fingertips

Realize your serendipitous ai character inspiration anytime, anywhere with 3d face maker app. Bring your ideas to life or get more inspiration from the ai art creation community. It's free to download for both Android and IOS devices. Enjoy the fun of text to image from Fotor!

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Create five types of female 3d face image in fotor app

How to Create a 3D Face With AI?

  • Click the “Generate 3D Face” button to get started.
  • Type the description of the face you wanted as detailed as possible in the text bubble.
  • Click “generate” and choose “From Text” mode on the left. Adjust the parameters and “3D” style on the right toolbar. Click “Generate” and wait for seconds for your AI face image.
  • Preview and click the download icon to save your 3d face PNG and share it online.
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