6 Best Prompts for AI Art You Should Try

Summary: This article is going to tell you the best prompts for AI art from the perspective of what angle to write to the main factors should be involved.

generated art image of a lake with moutains and trees

As the AI image generator becomes the mainstream, you could use it to generate images in whatever art style you prefer automatically in a fast way.

And a great way to create a great AI art is to come up with the ideas of the best prompts for AI arts. Prompts are the descriptions you input in AI image generator to generate the image you desire. And they contains content from the subjects to the style descriptions.

So if you want to get generated images within high quality, you’d better maker sure the prompts given is filled with detail, specificity and clarity.

This blog would help you out to choose the best prompts for AI art. Let's have a check!

The Tips about the Best Prompts for AI Art

To generate pictures with high quality Here are some tips you should pay attention when generating images from ai image generator.

generated image of a coffee room in the cinematic style in red color

When you input the ai art prompts to produce ai generated art from text or image, you should know:

  1. The AI art prompts should involve the subject including people, objects or locations and descriptions either adverbs or adjectives are fine.
  2. Make sure to be as clear as possible by using positive words and avoid abstract concepts and conflicting terms
  3. Add aesthetic and style keywords or phrases to get the image you want from the image ai generator.
  4. Apply reference image to show the style and subject in visual version
  5. Make a test and get the prompts revised to get the image you want.

You should make sure the image prompt includes the technique and style of a certain creation within high quality.

The Ideas of Best Prompts for AI Art

You may not know what how to put the prompts in a form that is clear and specific, but never mind, here are the best prompts for AI Art in detail you can choose from.

Adjective Prompts

The adjectives play a crucial role in writing best prompts for AI art. They provide descriptions of emotion and technique that can help you get desired images from ai prompt image generator.

The adjective prompts include conceptual, aesthetic, biomorphic, beautiful

Realistic, colorful, ball bearing, biomorphic, brushwork, classic, clever, complex and more

Art Style Prompts

To get the style you want, the best prompts should involve style descriptions. Here are some for you!

generated art images of women

Modern, Pixel art, Realism, Surrealism, Abstract, Expressionism, Abstraction, Academic, Action painting, Aesthetic, Allover painting, Angular, Appropriation, Architecture, Artifice, Automatism, Avant-garde, Baroque, Bauhaus, Contemporary, Cubism, Cyberpunk, Digital art, Fantasy, Impressionism, Minimal,Ukiyo-e print and more.

You could put your prompts as follows,

  1. Ukiyo-e print of two men visiting a shrine.
  2. Cyberpunk style city street at night, Expressionism.
  3. Action painting of a cottage near a pond, spring time.

Prompts in the style of non-living famous artists

To generate some images of classic style, you could get the specific image you want by referring to the masters of the history. But to avoid and copyright problems, you’d better choose non-living ones like Frida Kahlo, Rene Magritte, Tamara de Lempicka who bears distinctive art styles.

  1. When mentioning the style of Frida Kahlo, the best prompts for ai are should be “Portrait of a girl next to a capybara, in the style of a Frida Kahlo painting”.
  2. .And the prompts involving the style of Rene Magritte should be “Boy with a cowboy hat, in the style of Rene Magritte”
  3. And the prompts for the style of Tamara de Lempicka would be “ a women with red hair and mouth in the style of Tamara de Lempicka.

Prompts with Pop Icons

To make fun prompts for ai art, you could choose one with the popular cultural icon as the subject. They could be the comic heroes, movie characters, protagonists in video game that you prefer.

You could add descriptive words like “digital art” or “ cinematic lighting” or other kind of lighting that come out of your mind.

generated images of Pikachu
  1. For example, when you choose Pikachu as part of your prompt, you could write the prompts like “ Pikachu, cinematic, digital art”.
  2. Or you choose the Iron man, the best prompts for ai art would be “Iron man, cinematic lighting, high resolution 3D render”
  3. Storm Trooper could be your choice too like “Storm trooper in the desert, high-detail, dramatic lighting, digital art”.

Portraits Prompts

When it comes to generating AI portrait pictures, there are countless options available to choose from. There are many portraits for you to choose involving human and animal as well as the AI portraits which is really creative.

You could add words for style like watercolor painting or photorealistic or others to get the effect you want.

portrait generated from AI image generator

You could put the prompts as follows,

1.Portrait of a dog cat wearing a robe, Chinese watercolor painting.

2. Portrait of a Sci-Fi man, peaceful, digital art.

3. portrait of an old lady wearing a dress, photorealistic.

Fantasy Prompts

generated image of a fantasy house in nature

The beautiful fantasy scenery of all kinds is the good elements for the best ai prompts. You could choose themes encompassing the nature, medieval, surreal and more.

Besides, you could add words to your prompts like “fantasy”, “digital art”, “epic” or “surreal”. You could put your prompts like this,

  1. "Cottage overgrown with trees and grassland, high-fantasy, digital art.
  2. Medieval German castle, surrounded by mountains, high fantasy, epic, digital art
  3. Castle on top of a cliff, surreal, fantasy, digital art.

Prompts for Anything you Want

Besides the prompts mentioned above, you could write the prompts with descriptions for the things you want. You could put the prompts as follows,

  1. A home with windows, doors, porches, awnings, middle of SPACE, cyberpunk lights, Hyper Detail, 8K, HD, Octane Rendering, Unreal Engine, V-Ray, full hd - s5000 - uplight - q 3 - stop 80 - w 0.5 - ar 4:3.
  2. The planet after human extinction, a new beginning, nature taking back the planet, harmony, peace, earth balanced - version 3 - s 42000 - uplight - ar 4:3 - no text, blur, people, humans, pollution
  3. Hyerophant, god light, cinematic look, octane render, under water, - wallpaper.

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The best prompts for AI art matters a lot and after knowing these good ideas, just try to produce your desired image in Fotor’s AI Image Generator to check the stunning effects of the generated images affected by those great prompts!