DALL-E Image Generator: From Text to Image for Everyone Now

This article describes what the DALL-E image generator is, including its pros & cons, and how to use DALL-E online. - From Fotor

dall-e generated art of the girl with a pearl earring

DALL-E's "outpainting" feature: extending an image beyond its current borders.

OpenAI's DALL-E image generator is an artificial intelligence image compositing program that can be said to have created a wave of AI art image development.

Just this September, OpenAI announced that they removed the waitlist for their DALL-E image generator service, which means everyone now can sign up to their website and use DALL-E. Let‘s have a experience about it.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is DALL-E Image Generator?
  2. DALL-E Journey
  3. How to Use DALL-E Image Generator Online?
  4. DALL-E's Pros and Cons
  5. Conclusion

What is DALL-E Image Generator?

The name of the DALL-E program is a combination of the robot character from Pixar's animated film WALL-E and the name of Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

It is an artificial intelligent art generation program developed by OpenAI that generates digital AI art images from naturally detailed word descriptions (we also refer to these as "prompts"). It can generate near-realistic images and imitate the drawing style of many artists, with a powerful and intelligent generation technology that has impressed many experts and testers.

DALL-E 2 ai-generated art with the same style as the girl with the pearl earring

DALL-E Journey

DALL-E was introduced in January 2021, This year OpenAI released the successor based on DALL-E, DALL-E 2. The images generated by DALL-E 2 have higher resolution and fidelity.

Although the DALL-E image generator performs well in the conversion process from text to image, some experts point out that DALL-E still has some ethical and bias issues. Since text-to-image systems are trained on a large dataset of images crawled from the Internet, they replicate the inequality aspect of society, such as creating higher numbers of men characters than women for descriptions that do not specify gender. Or the prompts that don't specify gender or ethnicity are replaced with "black man" and "Asian woman."

But OpenAI has made it clear that they have taken steps to combat these problems, and have posted an article saying they are happy with the improvements to the system. “In the past months, we have made our filters more robust at rejecting attempts to generate sexual, violent and other content that violates our content policy, and building new detection and response techniques to stop misuse.” said the OpenAI.

How to Use DALL-E Image Generator Online?

  • You can create an account on OpenAI with your email and telephone number as you would on any other website. Once you enter the OpenAI website, the home page has a bar to add prompts (which are descriptions) to get DALL-E started. Below the prompt bar are examples of art created by DALL-E, including prompts for leading images.
the homapage of the dall-e platform
  • You can add unlimited detail to the prompt, and add as much detail as you need to the prompt box with detailed descriptions, including the art style or artist you want the AI image to emulate. The more detailed your descriptions are, the more realistic and accurate the images generated by DALL-E will be.
  • Every detail in your description affects how the DALL-E AI image generator will create your images. For example, nearly identical cues are used for two photographs. One is described as "a bright painting of a girl walking across a bridge into a waterfall leading to another dimension ......", while the other is described as "a dark painting of a girl walking across a bridge into a waterfall leading to another dimension."
dall-e ai-generated different images of a girl walking across a bridge

See, the only difference between the two descriptions is "bright" and "dark", but the style and mood of the images are completely different.

And when you don't enter enough specificity in the prompt, you will also get different results. For example, if you just ask for "Astronaut cowboys at a rodeo in outer space" without adding more details about the artist and style, you will get several different styles of AI images.

dall-e ai-generated different styles of images of astronaut cowboys at a rodeo in outer space
  • You can also edit your generation on the DALL-E generator with a "credit". (The people who sign up for access to DALL-E will get 50 free credits, and then 15 more free credits each month. Each credit may be used to create a single image, an image in a different version, or to "repair" and "outpaint" an image. Additional credits can be purchased in 115 blocks for $15.)
buy credits in the dall-e platform
  • You can erase part of the ai generated images, add a frame, or upload another image to add to it and expand it. To check how many credits you have left for the month, just click on your profile in the top right corner.
  • To view your favorites, just click on "My collection" at the top of the DALL-E home page.
collections in the dall-e

DALL-E's Pros and Cons

DALL-E image generator offers convenience to users, but there are also limitations to users.

  • Pros:
  1. Easy to use, just open the website and enter the description as needed to quickly generate the AI image.
  2. It is excellent at generating ai images from text and extending image boundaries.
  3. Eable to imitate the painting styles of many artists.
  4. The ai art generated by DALL-E is realistic and with a high resolution.
  • Cons:
  1. DALL-E AI image generator is a commercial service program. So it is not free, users need to purchase credits to generate images.
  2. Significant copyright restriction. OpenAI owns the AI images generated by DALL-E, but the company grants users the exclusive right to "copy and display" their generation as long as they comply with the content policy. Content violations will revoke users' right to legally use the generated images. Therefore, some users will feel that DALL-E is not so "friendly".

There are already a number of other text-to-image generation programs on the market that can match the speed and quality of the DALL-E image generator, such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Fotor. Let's expect more surprises about AI images generation!

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There is no doubt that the DALL-E image generator from OpenAI has brought about a huge change in the art field. Its simulated strokes and accuracy have enabled some companies to save on labor costs, but it has also had some negative effects. For example, it may cause painters, graphic designers, and other art workers to lose their jobs. How to keep art workers from losing their jobs while driving the development of the art field is an issue that needs constant attention.

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