Image Inpainting with AI

Get easy access to image creation & recreation with the AI image painting tool from Fotor.

Ask the AI inpainter to extend image parts with what you want in no time!

Use fotor ai image inpainting tool to add a hot air balloon for the landscape image
Generate leaf and flower one by one in fotor ai image inpainting tool

AI Inpainting for Image Creation

Backed up by cutting-edge inpainting stable diffusion, you can create something for your images. From nothing to perfection, it just needs our AI image inpainting tool to erase the gap. Just brush over the part you want to create and add some new elements, and our AI inpainter will generate what you want. You can inpaint online and extend images with AI for products, portraits, and landscapes!

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Use fotor ai image inpainting tool to brush over the unwanted sky and generate a sunny sky to replace

Inpaint & Replace for AI Image Recreation

Instead of removing parts of images or just tossing out dissatisfied images, you are given chances to recreate and redesign them in Fotor’s AI image inpainting tool! Use the magic AI inpainting brush to wipe out & repaint it as you like, and a brand-new photorealistic image is right here within a few seconds.

AI recreates images easily. With our AI image repainter, you can replace sky or anything that shades your images and repaint to highlight it. Empower yourself with AI image recreation with our magic AI replacer!

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Use the magic brush from fotor ai image inpainting tool to generate a purple bow on the dogs head

Use Image Filler for Fun

Explore possibilities and add fun for your pets with our AI image inpainter! Ask the Fotor AI image inpainting tool to draw realistic head ornaments for your dogs and cats by brushing over their heads and entering what you want. Within a few seconds, you can get funny pet images using the AI photo filler from Fotor!

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Use AI Image Inpainting Tool to Pave Infinity for Art

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