Sky Replacement: Replace Sky with AI

Free to use the AI sky replacement tool from Fotor to swap sky image backgrounds with creative ones. Add amazing starry, gloomy, and sunny skies to images now!

the before and after effect of replacing a jumping man sky background
Replace sky of a female picture with fotor ai sky replacer

Automatical Sky Replacement with AI

In the Fotor AI sky replacement tool, you can replace sky background in one click. Just upload your image, and our AI tool will remove the original image background in one second. Then, you just need to change the photo background with the image of sky. Click the button to replace sky now!

Replace Sky with AI
Use fotor ai background generator to create various sky background for female image background

Easy to Get More Sky Replacemnet Pictures in Sky Background Generator

More powerful than ever, Fotor offers you an AI background generator to make your personalized sky replacement background for your uploaded images. Tell Fotor about your dreamed sky image background, and you can get and use ai-generated sky images in a few minutes.

Replace Sky with AI
How to replace sky in fotor ai sky replacer

How to Replace Sky?

  • Click the “Replace Sky with AI” button to get started.
  • Upload the image and Fotor will remove the image background in a few seconds automatically.
  • Click “Backgrounds” on the right toolbar, here you find lots of sky image backgrounds that you can use to swap sky.
  • Alternatively, you can generate wanted sky replacement sources in the inbuilt AI background generator by entering the sky related prompts in the right text bubble.
  • Finally, replace sky and download the image until satisfied.
Replace Sky with AI

Easy to Get the "Photoshop-Like" Sky Replacement Effect

Replace Sky with AI