How to Remove Image Background in PowerPoint

Summary: This is a guide on how to remove image background in PowerPoint. It includes its significance, how to make it with 5 tools and an online AI background remover.

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Nowadays, PowerPoint plays a significant role in everyday life. PowerPoint is everywhere. It can be seen in competitions, product introductions, career educations and any other situations when report occurs.

How can PowerPoint highlight our presentations? Sometimes, vivid pictures speak louder than words. The choice of pictures matters a lot. Normally, clear and neat photos come first, so all the unwanted messy and jumbled background should be removed from the picture.

What’s the significance of removing image background in PowerPoint?

1. Beautify the image

Whenever the image is displayed, it’s to attract viewers’ attention. The selection of images reflects the reporter’s aesthetic value and presents his/her living and working attitudes. Therefore, the beautification of pictures plays a great role.

2. Save more space to create

It is helpful to remove the unnecessary parts and retain the important or the particular parts because it can save the space of the display page and highlight the key points.

3. Highlight important or particular parts to prevent audience from distraction

Remove unwanted or distracting objects in the background, so the audience can get to the point at a glance and fully engage themselves with the presentation.

4. Help the slides in the PowerPoint work easier

After removing the unnecessary or unwanted background of images, images will occupy less storage space, and the slides can work faster.

How to remove image background in PowerPoint with 5 tools

Today, there will be 5 options for you to remove the needless image background in PowerPoint.

Set Transparent Color Tool

  1. Upload the image
  2. Click the image to select, then check the Picture Format.
  3. Then click on the Color dropdown to select the Set Transparent Color
  4. Next choose the unwanted color of the image to remove
  5. Get your image

Notice: This tool is suitable for editing images without high resolution. So there will be 2 situations that Set Transparent Color Tool may not work:

  1. If the content of the image and its background are too similar in color, Set Transparent Color Tool may not work very well.
  2. When there are some shadows or the sunlight reflections in the images, the tool does not work very well

Remove Background Tool

remove background tool of powerpoint
  1. Click the image then check the Picture Format
  2. Then select Remove background and the PowerPoint will work automatically.
  3. Now, choose the Mark Areas to Keep in the left-hand corner of the menu to edit the parts that you aren’t satisfied with.
  4. Get your image

Notice: It can achieve the cutout of the objects in a relatively complex background, and it works better than the Set Transparent Color. However, there are 2 situations that Remove background tool may not work:

  1. When the images are too similar to be separated by the Mark Areas to Keep or the selected are not sharp crisp images, remove background may not work
  2. When the background is too complex in details, the remove background tool does not work very well.

Boolean Operator

  1. Click on the Shapes in the Insert
  2. Then outline the images with straight lines
  3. Get your image

Crop Tool

  1. Select the Format
  2. CROP the image after choosing Size
  3. Pick up the shapes that you want and edit with it on your image.
  4. Get your image

Although it works faster compared with other tools, it’s only suitable for the easiest images.

Fill Tool

  1. Select Format by clicking on the image
  2. Then post a wanted image on Clipboard
  3. Fill the image with the chosen one by clicking Picture or Texture Fill on the Format Background
  4. Remember to check Tile Picture as Texture
  5. Get your background removed

Remove Image Background Online for free

Fotor web tool


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Remove Background Now

Unfamiliar with these tools? Urgent mission without much time? Why not try an online background remover?

You can get your image background removed with one click and download images that you want within several seconds. With this image, you can upload and apply these removed images directly to your PowerPoint making, which makes your operation time-saving, convenient and efficient.

Here I am going to recommend one online editor that is not only powerful and remarkable but also free for you to use.

Fotor AI background remover can automatically detect the subject at once from any photo, remove background in smooth cutout way without any manual work. With artificial intelligence tool, it’s easy to handle with hair, animal fur or any complex edges in a few seconds. No matter you want to make high quality transparent PNG, change photo background or add a white background to a photo, you'll just be covered.

How to remove image background with Fotor AI background remover?

How to remove image background in Fotor
  1. Click the button “Open image” to upload image or drag or drop image to start remove background.
  2. Automatically remove background in an instant.
  3. Download the image in PNG format and keep a transparent background to keep editing


Here we have shared tips about how to remove image background in PowerPoint. With these quick tools, background removal becomes easier for you. Hope these can help you and you will enjoy them, and if you have better solutions, please comment and share with us!


1. How do I make a logo background transparent in PowerPoint?

Double-click on the image, then from “Picture Tools” select “Picture Tools Format”, then “Color.” Select “Set Transparent Color”, then once the pointer changes, click on the color you wish to make transparent.

2. How do you remove the background of a picture in PowerPoint Mac?

Go to Picture Tools Format and select Remove Background. In PowerPoint for Mac, go to Picture Format and choose Remove Background.

3. How would you change the background and shading of current slide?

Right-click on the current slide background (Ctrl +click on a Mac) and select “Format Background.” Select “Fill” from the left panel to view your options. Create a solid background. To make the background a single color, choose Solid fill.