Remove Background from Car Images

Use our background remover tool to remove unsightly and inconsistent backgrounds of vehicle images. Create professional car images in seconds to get more sales.

Remove background from car images
Automated vehicle photo background removal

Remove Car Backgrounds Automatically

Quickly removing the original cluttered background is very important for car sales. With Fotor's auto background remover, you can get high-quality transparent background images of cars in just a few seconds. Use them in your various marketing campaigns, advertisements, and listings. No more time-consuming manual cutouts.

Remove Car Background
Car background replacement

Change Car Background

Keeping a clean and consistent background is key to selling a car. Use Fotor to change the background of your car image with a luxury garage, a spacious and bright showroom, or the right natural scenery. Using the built-in AI background generator, you can also create any type of background you want in a matter of seconds. Attract more customers to see and bring your sales to the next level. Yo

Remove Car Background
Add shadow to vehicle images

Add Shadows for Your Car Images

No matter what background photo you use, adding shadows to your car is the most effective way to make your automobile image look more realistic. With just one click, you can make your photos look more natural. Try it out to enhance your car photos now!

Remove Car Background
Remove the car and people background

High-quality Cutout

Using images of people and cars together can give buyers an immersive experience and lead to better sales. Fotor's automatic background remover can remove the vehicle background while preserving people and cars. Every detail can be handled well.

Remove Car Background
Background removal for car dealerships

Add Logo and Discount Text to Boost Your Sale

Highlight your brand and price advantage. Use the car photo editor to add branding and discount information to your car image to stand out from the crowd of car dealerships. Fotor provides all convenience.

Remove Car Background

How to Remove Background from Car Images?

  • Click the button "Remove Car Background" to turn to our editing page.
  • Drag and drop your picture to the editing area to upload your car image which needs to remove the background.
  • Click "Background Remover" and our tool will automatically remove the background for car photography in seconds.
  • Add shadows by clicking "Shadow". You can change the color, blur, transparency, distance, and angle of the shadow.
  • Download the image in JPG, or PNG format. Keeping the transparent background of the car is also a good idea.
Remove Car Background

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to remove the car background?

What backgrounds can be removed with Fotor, besides the car background?

Remove Background from Car Images with Fotor

Remove Car Background