Online Passport Photo Processor

Upload your photo to Fotor's passport photo processor and get a professional photo for your passport or ID instantly. Do it at home and without any editing experience.

Change an image background to white and convert it to a passport photo with Fotor
Different id photo sizes in Fotor

Get Started from a Passport Size Photo Template

Creating digital passport photos online has never been easier! Fotor's passport photo processor offers three ID photo size templates for you to choose from, so you don't need to worry about resizing your photo to the correct size for your passport or ID. Just upload your photo, and you'll get a perfect passport size photo in seconds. Try it now!

Create a Passport Photo
Add white backgrounds to profile pictures

Automatically Remove Background for Passport Photo

Fotor's AI passport photo processor instantly and automatically identifies the subject from any photo and removes any background from the image in a smooth keying without any manual manipulation or editing skills.

Whether your photo background is too cluttered or the colors don't match passport standards, Fotor can help you get a professional-looking photo in seconds and replace the original background with any color or image you need.

Create a Passport Photo
Change an image background color with Fotors background changer

Easily Change Background

Give your photo a new background to make it look more professional. Fotor's passport photo processor not only removes backgrounds in seconds but also offers a wide range of preset background colors and background images. Whether you want to replace your photo background with white for your US passport or change the background for your ID card or other items. With Fotor's online passport photo maker, you will no longer be bothered by the background of your photos.

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Download a passport picture in different formats

Export and Print in High Quality

Create a printable passport photo and download it in high quality instantly. With Fotor's passport photo processor, it's free and easy to create, save, print, and share your professional passport pictures within a few clicks.

Create a Passport Photo
Convert a portrait to an id card photo and a profile picture

Not Only a Passport Photo Processor

Fotor's Passport photo processor tool brings added value to designs. With Fotor, you can easily upload photos and change photo backgrounds with one click. You can also create an eye-catching pfp or ID card for personal or branding use.

In addition, Fotor's rich design resources allow you to customize your photos in any aspect: add photo effects, insert stickers, text, and more to maximize your photos.

Create a Passport Photo
Make a passport photo with Fotors passport photo processor

How to Get a Passport Photo Online?

  • Click the button "Make a Passport Photo" to get started.
  • Go to "Templates" on the left toolbar, and select a preset size template from "ID Photo".
  • Click the "Change photo" button in the canvas, or directly drag and drop the uploaded photo to the canvas. Fotor will automatically remove the background and change it to white.
  • Adjust the size and position of portrait, you can also use the "Adjust" tool in the toolbar above the canvas to refine the brightness, contrast, hue, etc.
  • Finally, click the download button to save your passport pic in HD file format.
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