Remove Background From Animal Photo Online

Remove background from animal photos online with Fotor's background remover tool, and keep the details of fur. Multiple backgrounds for you to choose from.

Remove Background From A Dog Photo
Before and after pictures with the dog picture background removed

Remove Background from Animal Photo Instantly

It's challenging and time-consuming to remove background from photos of animals or pets in Photoshop. But the process is streamlined by Fotor's background remover tool, which is totally automatic and completes the process in a matter of seconds.

Just upload your photos and leave the rest to Fotor, and you can remove image background and get high-definition lossless images of animals or pets with transparent backgrounds in seconds, so that you can easily apply them to your pet supply store logos or pet channel avatars.

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Erase Background From Dog Image without losing quality

Remove Background from Images of Pets without Losing Quality

It may be quite tough to remove the background from fine objects, such as animal furs. But Fotor can assist you in carrying it out. No matter how complex the background is, you can use our background removal tool to easily remove bg from image without losing quality and detail. Fotor is beginner-friendly and requires no editing skills. Removing backgrounds from animal images have never been easier!

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Change Background for a Cat Image

Change Backgrounds for Animal Pictures

Give your pet images a new and unique look by changing a new backdrop with Fotor's background remover. Fotor offers a wide range of styles of preset backgrounds, creative photos, and illustrations for you to choose from. Whether you want to replace the original cluttered background with a solid color background or heighten the atmosphere with festive theme background, Fotor has you covered. Try using Fotor now to make your animal photos into something spectacular!

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Change Background for a cat photo and make it as an avatar

Pet Portraits Cutout for Avatars

Use Fotor to create a unique avatar for your pet channel to attract more audiences. Just upload your pet portrait to the background remover and wait for a few seconds to get a pet photo with transparent background. Browse our material library and choose a beautiful preset background for your avatar to make it look better. Plus, you can utilize other easy-to-use editing tools to maximize your avatar, such as inserting text and stickers, and more.

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Replace the Background From A Dog Photo in Fotor App

Easy-to-use Background Remover App

Use the Fotor app to remove the background from images of animals at your fingertips. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Fotor's background eraser app allows you to easily erase the background of any photo whenever and wherever you like. Whether you want to remove the background from an animal photo or remove the cluttered background from a car image, you can get the result you want with Fotor. Download the Fotor app to remove image background now and experience an extremely easy way to edit your photos.

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Remove Background From Animal Photo with Fotors background remover

How to Remove Background from a Animal Photos?

  • First, click the button "Remove Background" to get started.
  • Upload your animal or pet image to the canvas.
  • Click "Background Remover" tool on the left and choose 'Common Cutout' or 'Portrait Cutout' as needed.
  • After a few seconds, our tool will remove the background from your image automatically.
  • You can edit the animal image with the transparent background as needed, such as changing the background color, inserting text and stickers, and other elements to make it more perfect.
  • Finally, click the "Download" button at the top right of the canvas to save your photo in the desired file format.
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