Remove Background for E-Commerce

Optimize your product photos with Fotor's background remover to get the best background for e-commerce platforms for free.

Display your products in showcases perfectly to boost sales easily.

Background remover for e commerce
Remove the blue bcakground from the chair product image with Fotor background remover for ecommerce

Erase Backgrounds of Product Images Automatically

E-commerce photography always plays a crucial role in sales. E-commerce photos with white or transparent backgrounds are welcomed on the e-commerce system. Thus, you need to create professional product photos with clear backgrounds.

Removing product image backgrounds has never been easier than ever in Fotor’s online background remover for e-commerce. Just upload your product images, and our inbuilt AI background eraser will auto-remove backgrounds of the e-commerce image in seconds.

Remove Image Background
Remove plant image background and take care of the image detail with Fotor background remover for ecommerce

High-Quality E-Commerce Photo Background Removal

Supported by cutting-edge AI technology, Fotor’s automatic background eraser is well-trained to create the best transparent background images. Even if you want to process product images with complicated backgrounds, Fotor’s background remover for e-commerce will handle the image details easily and take your e-commerce photos to the next level.

Remove Image Background
Remove several product image backgrounds in Fotor online batch image background remover for ecommerce

Remove E-Commerce Images backgrounds in Batches

To save you time and cost, you can use Fotor’s online bulk image background remover for e-commerce to remove backgrounds from product images in batches. Upload all your e-commerce photos, and our background remover with AI will process and cut out image backgrounds as easily as pie.

Remove Image Background
Remove orange shoe product image background for engagement on the amazon system with Fotor cut out image tool for ecommerce

Add White Background to Product Photos for Better Engagement

You need to have the best product presentation of your e-commerce images to sell more. With white backgrounds, the product images will engage with the e-commerce system and offer your target customers a user-friendly shopping experience.

After making the image transparent, Fotor’s background remover for e-commerce allows you to add white background color to product images, which is the preferred background for selling items.

Remove Image Background
Fotor online background remover for marketplaces amazon shoppify etsy and ebay

Product Photo Background Remover for Amazon, eBay, Shopify & Etsy

There are marketing requirements for product images on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Commonly, you need to upload e-commerce photos with clean backgrounds or pure white backgrounds. Fotor’s background remover for e-commerce allows you to make it easy by making transparent backgrounds or adding white backgrounds to integrate with the marketing system.

Remove Image Background