Remove Image Background with Magic Brush

Fotor’s magic brush allows you to perfect the details when removing the image background manually. You are free to remove or restore everything you want magically!

Use the magic brush to erase someone out of a pciture manually in Fotor background remover
Use Fotors magic brush to restore or erase some parts when removing the female image background

Handle Any Image Part with Magic Brush

The inbuilt magic brush behind the image background remover allows you to keep or erase any part of an image when you are not satisfied with the removal effect from the automatic background remover. You can remove photobombers from the image background or retain the necessary part by sketching out the areas with the Fotor’s AI magic wand tool. Fotor’s online manual background remover lets you sit in the driver’s seat!

Remove Background Now
Adjust the magic brush size to reomve image background in Fotor background remover

Have Control Over the Magic Brush

Fotor’s magic brush size is controllable when you are removing the background manually. After you have removed background from image, you can click the “Retain/Erase” icon to edit the transparent image. You can manage the area that the magic brush can cover in one go when you are removing people from the background or restoring the part to be kept.

Remove Background Now
Use the magic brush to handle with image details when removing image background in Fotor

Expert to Deal with Image Details

Never worry about the quality of Fotor’s output. The AI magic brush handles the details much better than you expect. No matter how complicated part you want to remove or keep from the transparent png, Fotor’s magic brush in the manual background remover always shows you the high-quality outcome that details are fully processed.

Remove Background Now
Restore the female on the couch in image background with Fotor timesaving magic brush

Time-Saving Background Object Remover

You won’t have the hassle of using the tools repeatedly within Fotor’s background object remover. The magic brush works amazingly after you have brushed over the areas to be removed or restored when you are removing the background manually, which saves you time. Click the button to use the free AI magic brush online to easily remove objects from photos!

Remove Background Now
Use the magic brush in Fotor online background remover to retain the female part of the image background

How to Use Magic Brush?

  • Click the “Removed Background Now” button to switch to Fotor’s background remover and get started.
  • Drag and drop or upload the images that you want to remove background from, and Fotor’s background eraser will remove the image background automatically.
  • Use the “retain/erase” tool to remove or restore the part from the transparent image. You can adjust the magic brush’s size to perfect the outcome by removing image background manually.
  • Preview and download your background removed image in the wanted file format.
Remove Background Now