Change Eye Color in Photo with Eye Color Changer

Quickly change the eye color for your photo with Fotor's eye color changer online.

Add an eye color filter to replace the color of your eyes and try out a new style with us!

Change eye color from brown to blue

Easily Change Eye Color with The Eye Color Changer

A brown eye
A green eye

People commonly notice your eyes as the first thing about you. Whatever the reason for wanting to enhance the look of your eyes, the eye color changer makes it easy to do so.

With Fotor's online eye color changer, effortlessly change eyes color online in a few clicks. To replace your eyes color, just upload your photo, then apply the eye color changing tool, and choose a color you like to recolor your eyes, you'll immediately get a distinctive photo of yourself.

Women with green and blue eyes

Play Around with Colors in Eye Color Changer

Fotor's eye color changer offers a variety of preset colors for you to choose from. Follow Fotor to explore the world of color and make your eyes unique. Can't find the eye color you need? Don't worry, you can click on the color palette to freely choose any color you like. Play around with colors and try it out now!

Change Eye Color
Halloween themed photo on Instagram

Spark on Social Media with Unique Eye Color Image

Can't find the right time to post a photo of your colorful eyes? How about Halloween? Anything uncommon will become less strange on that day! Easily switch the eye color from brown to purple with the eye color changer. Let your imagination run wild, change your eye color and post your photos on social media, you're sure to get a lot of likes!

Change Eye Color
edit eye color of image on desktop

Enjoy the Convenience of Eye Color Changer App

You can not only edit eye color online. The eye color changing tool is also available for the Fotor's desktop app for you to experience more stable image processing. Fotor is a powerful photo editor for Windows & Mac free download. Grab the eye color changer app instantly, and click "Touch Up" on the app's home page to drag your image to the canvas, then select the "Eye Tint" tool and choose any color you like to adjust your eyes. It's that easy with the desktop app!

Change Eye Color
retouch women portrait photos with fotor skin-retouch tool,  retouch eyebrows with fotor eyebrow pencil, recolor lip with fotor lip tint tool.

More than an Eye Color Changer

The touch-up features in Fotor go beyond the eye color changer. You can also combine the online eye color changer with other touch-up tools to further retouch your photos. Use the wrinkle removal tool to fix unsmoothed skin and fix blemishes with the Blemish fix tool with just a few clicks. You can even use the Eyebrow pencil and Lip Tint tools for makeup. More amazing features for you to explore.

Change Eye Color

How to Change Eye Color in Photo?

  • Click the button"Change Eye Color" and upload your photo to the canvas.
  • Go to the Beauty option and select the "Eye Tint" tool.
  • Choose the color your like, and adjust the brush size to fit your eyes.
  • Use the brush to paint over the eyes in your photo to change the color, and you can slide the slider to adjust the brush intensity as needed.
  • Finally, don't forget to apply your editing, and click the Download button at the top right of the canvas to download your photo.
Change Eye Color

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