25 Best Colors That Go With Orange: Inspiration of Orange Design

Summary: This post talks about the basic knowledge of orange color, including meaning, shades, complementary color and similar color. In addition, we shared the colors that go with orange and how to create design with orange combinations.

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Orange is the color right in the middle of red and yellow, both the warm boldness of red and the sunshine of yellow. Orange is very suitable as a background for home decoration, but also widely used in the field of art, design and so on. So do you know what is orange? What colors are suitable for matching with orange?

In this article, we will introduce everything you should know about color orange, the best colors that go with orange and how you can use orange in your design and how to match it. Before recommending color combinations, we need to know more about orange color, so that we can use it more flexibly and creatively. Let's start with orange!

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is Orange Color?
  2. What Colors Make Orange?
  3. Shades of Orange Color
  4. Similar Color of Orange
  5. Orange Complementary Color
  6. Colors That Go With Orange
  7. Create Stunning Graphic Design With Orange Color Combinations
  8. Conclusion

What Is Orange Color?

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The hex code of orange color is #FFA500. Orange gives a bright and sunny feeling that reminds most people of summer and happiness. The color name "orange" was first used in English in 1512. Before the 15th century, this orange shade was known as "yellow-red". The name of the color comes from the typical hue of the citrus fruit orange.

In the 20th century, the striking appearance of orange made it a popular choice for clothing and equipment designed to stand out. Life jackets, astronaut uniforms, traffic cones and high-visibility overalls were often dyed a bright orange, and prisoners sometimes wore orange to be more easily spotted when trying to escape. In Asia, orange can also symbolize religion.

What Colors Make Orange?

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Want to know which colors makes orange? Orange is a secondary color and you can get it by mixing yellow and red color. Equal amounts of yellow and red combined together will give you a true orange color. Adding a little more yellow will lighten the mixture to achieve a bright orange shade. Adding slightly more red will give a darker orange color.

Shades of Orange Color

shades of orange color

Mustard Brown: #CC8400

Philippine Gold: #B37400

Gamboge Orange: #996300

Dark Bronze: #805300

Violin Brown: #664200

Similar Color of Orange

In addition to the standard orange color, many similar colors of orange are also very popular. You can refer to the following special colors with orange tones, those colors can be seen as the colors that go with orange.

similar colors of orange

Bright Orange: #ff8b28; Yellow Orange Color: #d56f00; Burnt Orange Color: #BF5700

Pastel Orange: #F17829; Rust Orange: #b7410e; Dark Orange:#ff8c00

Neon Orange:#ff9e3d; Light Orange:#FBBF77; Jaffa Orange:#d86e39; Sky Orange:#F79802

Orange Complementary Color

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Complementary colors are located directly opposite each other on the color wheel. According to the color wheel, we can easily find that the complementary color to orange is Blue. When these two colors are placed together, one color tends to make another color stand out, highlighting a contrast. If you are looking for a contrasting scheme of multiple colors, you can also refer to split complementary colors.

Colors That Go With Orange

While all colors can combine with orange, but some colors that compliment orange well. Do you know what is the best colors that go with orange? Here's 8 best orange color combinations for reference.

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Orange + Blue

As a complementary color, blue is the color that contrast with orange, they can create the strongest visual impact. In the design, complementary colors can create a chic, retro atmosphere, is very popular with designers color matching.

Orange + Purple

While orange and purple is a bold color combination, it's not at all uncommon. It is not without its appeal. Because purple and blue are similar colors, purple and orange go well together.

Brunt Orange + Cream

Cream is a neutral color that can be paired with burnt orange because it has a yellowish undertone. When used in this color combination, it produces a natural warmth that can be used in most interior designs. But at the same time it can potentially inhibit the effect of bold orange.

Orange + Gray

Gray is a versatile color and there are many shades of gray to choose from, along with shades of orange. Orange is a sassy color, while gray is more mature. Choose more than one shade of gray with orange to create different various depth color palettes.

Orange + Pink

Orange and pink is a classic combination. You find it popping up a lot in nature, such as orange, sunset, even coral. These are all beautiful examples of how well orange and pink go together.

Orange + Black

People may feel afraid to combine color with black, but black can create a bold and more dramatic look when match with orange. Using black as one of the accent colors for orange can help make orange stand out in a more dynamic way.

Orange + Chartreuse + Ferrari Red

In the RGB color wheel, Chartreuse and Ferrari Red are located on the left and right side of Orange, both 30° apart. The three of them are called Analogous Colors, and the form of the three color is called Analogous Palette. Similar colors palette is very soothing to the eye and makes the whole design soft and natural.

Orange + Sky Blue + Electric Ultramarine

In the RGB color wheel, the pairing of these three colors is called Split-Complementary Palette. the use of this palette is on the rise online, especially in graphic and web design. This is probably because it is not as contrasting as the Complementary Palette, and is therefore a pleasant combination.

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Create Stunning Graphic Design With Orange Color Combinations

Fotor's palette generater is an online color matching tool powered by AI. With Fotor's palette generator, you can freely design your orange color scheme. At the same time, it will also bring up applicable colors that go with orange for you to choose from.

Fotor web tool


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Start Editing

Fotor's palette generator can easily help you solve your color matching problems. Here are the detailed steps you can take to use the color generator in Fotor:

  1. Upload a photo you want to modify with orange color.
  2. Click the element for which you want to change the color, and you will see the color that the element now uses and the color menu will be displayed on the left.
  3. Choose a new color. In the color generater, you can select any color you like from the spectrum, or if you know the hex color code for the desired color, you can type the hex color code in the box.
  4. When you choose a color, you will find that some parts of your design have changed.
  5. For convenience, you can click the star icon to save the color to your favorites.
  6. Now you've finished your work with orange color. Click Download and you can choose the file type you want to download.


In this article, we not only introduce everything you should know about orange color, but also share a lot of best colors that go with orange. At the same time, we introduced Fotor's palette generator that can easily choose the colors that go with orange. Hope this blog can help you in design, thanks for reading!