7 Best Hair Color Apps to Try Different Hair Colors Virtually

Summary: In this article, we will tell you something about hair color changing and share 7 best hair color apps with you to try on different hair colors virtually. Come and Check it!

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Have you ever wanted to dye a hair color but were afraid that the result would not be satisfactory, so you hesitated to go to the hairdresser? Hair color changing can be a big decision, and it's hard to know what a new color will look like on you without actually trying it out.

Luckily, there are hair color apps available that allow you to virtually try on different hair colors before committing to a new look. In this article, we'll explore the best hair color apps that can help you experiment with different colors and find your perfect shade.

Best Free Hair Color Apps for Virtual Hair Color Try on

A hair color app is a virtual hair color try on tool that allows you to see what you would look like with different hair colors. These apps use augmented reality technology to superimpose a new hair color onto a photo of yourself, giving you a realistic preview of what the color would look like on you. Some apps also offer additional features, such as the ability to try on different hairstyles or adjust the lighting to see how the color looks in different settings.

You can upload these apps if you want to change the hair color. But what app to select? We will help you with this by telling you in detail about the most popular among them.

Fotor | Best Hair Color Changing App

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Fotor is a powerful online photo editor with various AI photo editing tools, such as image cropper, background remover and more. It also includes hair color changer, which can automatically detect your hair in the photo and allows you to try on different hair colors.

Hair color app of Fotor is more than just a hair color changing app. For example, when you type “make it red hair”, our tool will automatically detect the screen layout and replace the hair with red. It's so convenient!

Fotor hair color changer app


Fotor offers a hair color changer app. That allows you to try on different hair colors virtually on your phone. Various hair color to choose from.

Automatically replace the hair with your desired colors!

Download Fotor Now

You can use it directly online or download our free hair color app. That allows you to try on different hair colors virtually on your phone. It is convenient that you can see your different hair color look anytime.

The hair color try on app has different hair colors. Try each hair color you like until you're satisfied with your new look. Drag the intensity slider to change the depth of hair color. Here, you can try a color you never considered before.

Available: iOS / Android


  • Large library of hair colors.
  • Realistic results.
  • Basic editing tools.

YouCam Makeup | Best Hair Color Changing App for Instagram

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This app to change hair color is one of the most widely used app worldwide and provides more than just a try on hair color app. It is a robust app that employs augmented reality to enable you to create complete images, starting from makeup to changing color shades as you would in an actual beauty salon.

This hair color changing app is ideal for Instagram and comes equipped with all the necessary tools to take selfies and edit photos before sharing them with your friends.

With its built-in hair makeup feature, you can browse through over 150 color options and apply them to your photo from either your gallery or during photo capture using your camera. The virtual hair color filter is so accurately superimposed on your strands that it appears as if you had just visited the salon for a dye job.

Aside from the colors, you can also pair them with up to 4 hair dye styles, all exclusively offered by the YouCam Makeup app.

Available: iOS / Android


  • 150+ Hair Color Options.
  • 4 Hair Dye Styles: Rainbow, Ombre, Two-tone, Single Color.
  • Precise AI Hair Detection.
  • Both Camera Try-On and Photo Mode.

Fabby Look | Best for Whimsical & Trendy Colors

features of Fabby Look

If you are tired of standard hair colors and want to experiment with bold and extraordinary shades, try the hair color app Fabby Look.

Fabby Look is a hair color app that is enjoyable, loads quickly, and provides a realistic experience, even if its color options mainly focus on unrealistic shades. If you want to experiment with colors like blue, purple, pink, magenta, platinum, and other fun and vibrant shades, this app is perfect for you.

Available: iOS Only


  • Try on unique, trendy hair colors.
  • Experiment with color in real time.
  • Try on color in videos as well as photos.
  • Realistic results.


  • Not as many color choices as some other apps.

Style my Hair | Best 3D Color Effect from L'Oréal

features of style my hair

Style My Hair is a hair color app developed by L'Oréal that is free, versatile, and precise. It offers a wide range of options, from natural shades of blonde and brown to more creative tones like pink and purple.

The app to change hair color employs 3D technology to enable you to see how the new hair color will appear as you move around, run your hands through your hair, or flip your tresses. If you find a look that you like, you can share it with your friends and receive their opinions. Once you're ready to commit to a specific color, the app will guide you to a nearby L'Oreal professional to make it a reality.

Available: iOS / Android


  • Choose from tons of color palates.
  • 3D technology shows a new color in motion.
  • Directs you to a L'Oreal professional salon.
  • Offers tips, tricks, and trends.


  • No option for seeing what a haircut would look like.

Hair Color Changer | Best for Focusing Only on Coloring Your Hair

features of hair color changer

Hair Color Changer is a hair color app that focuses solely on try on different hair colors, without any additional features like hairstyles or makeup.

Testing out new hair colors with this app is a straightforward process. All you need to do is take a photo, sketch the outline of your hair, pick your preferred color, and try on different hair colors.

Additionally, the app offers editing tools that allow you to blur your image, alter the brush size for specific points in your hair, make your strands smoother, comb them, and undo or redo any changes you make. You can also share your new look with friends on social media platforms to get their feedback.

Available: iOS Only


  • Large library of hair colors.
  • Ability to create more colorful stripes.
  • Basic editing tools.
  • Pan and zoom options.


  • No Android version yet.

Hairstyle Try on | Best App for Trying on Different Hair Colors and Hairstyles

features of hairstyle try on

Hairstyle Try on is a hair color app that allows you to test hair color on photos. The app features over 1,000 different hairstyles and over 50 hair colors to choose from.

You can also adjust the brightness and saturation of the color to get the perfect look. Hairstyle Try on also allows you to adjust the length and thickness of the hair to see how the style would look on you. It also gives you information on hairstyles, as well as hair care tips, so your locks stay luxurious even when you’re not taking snaps.

Available: iOS Only


  • 50 virtual hair colors.
  • 36 options of hairstyles available.
  • Provides hair care tips.


  • Available only for iOS.

Makeup Plus | Best for Aesthetic Hair Colors

landing page of makeup plus

Makeup Plus is a hair color app that enables you to virtually try on different hair colors and extensive range of styles. Its primary purpose is to allow you to experiment with different hair colors, styles, and makeup before trying them out in real life.

This hair color app offers an extensive variety of hair color options, and once you find the perfect one, you can take a picture of it and take it to your hair salon. Essentially, the app aims to assist you in creating your desired look using your natural hair. Furthermore, it includes makeup features and tutorials that can aid you in applying your preferred makeup looks off-camera.

Available: iOS / Android


  • Includes makeup features and tutorials.
  • Large library of hair colors.


  • Some colors are available for an additional fee.


In this post, we have discussed about the hair color app and shared 6 best apps to change hair color. With these hair color changing apps, you can figure out what would you look like with black hair or blonde hair and which hair color is best for you. Hope you find this article helpful.