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Create captivating mood boards with Fotor's mood board creator. Express your ideas and emotions using the color, font, mood board template, graphic, and mood board design available in a wide variety for you. Get started with Fotor today to make an impact!

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Bring Your Ideas to Reality With a Captivating Mood Board

A mood board is an arrangement of images, texts, stickers, and other elements that you can use to curate ideas and overall feeling visually. With a wide range of mood board templates, backgrounds, colors, fonts, and graphics, you can use Fotor's moodboard maker to create a mood board in minutes.

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Fotor's Mood Board Creator: Your Creativity Partner

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Create an Enticing Mood Board With Tons of Stock Photos

Are you thinking about getting access to copyright-free photos for your mood board? Don’t worry. Fotor’s free mood board maker has got you covered! In our photo library, there are different types of photos with high resolution. Use them to add essence to your mood board design.

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Uplift Your Mood Board Design With Stickers and Vectors

Make an unparalleled mood board with the awesome stickers and vectors from the vast library of Fotor’s powerful mood board creator. Fotor has graphics in every style, shape, and size. Its library is divided into sections of stickers styles like flowers, food, music, etc. for easy navigation. Just think of a type and search it in the elements section, results will be there!

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Fonts and Backgrounds Designed For Your Mood Board

The importance of fonts and backgrounds can't be ignored in a mood board design. Fotor provides hundreds of font styles and backgrounds to please your demands. Choose the one that closely fits your desired look while using Fotor’s moodboard generator.

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Share Your Mood Board Directly on Social Media

Fotor's mood board creator provides you with the luxury of sharing your design directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. This eliminates the trouble of uploading and downloading your mood board design to various platforms.

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Design on the Go With Fotor’s Mood Board App

Create a mood board anytime, anywhere with the help of your best buddy - your smartphone. Fotor has curated its mood board app keeping in mind the needs of a busy individual like you. You can download the Fotor app on both iOS and Android smartphones.

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