How to Merge Two Images in Photoshop: Beginner's Guides

Summary: This post shows how to merge two images in Photoshop and other online editing tools. Make your photos more attractive on social media more creative. - From Fotor

make a 4 grids photo collage on laptop

Sometimes, we need to merge images for comparison or share purposes. Whether you're preparing to do a conference presentation or want to share memories of a wedding on Instagram or Facebook, photo collages make it easy to highlight the point.

Maybe you want to combine photos or use different shapes and arrangements to make a photo collage. This is where you may find that Photoshop is a good option, and you can use it to create your own collage. Let's dig into how to merge two images in Photoshop?

How to merge two images in Photoshop?

Sometimes you may need to merge two images vertically or horizontally. Now, let's start with the simplest 1*2 image collage.

two portraits together

1.Select the correct and suitable images.

Choose the images you need for your Photoshop collage, depending on what you want to use them for. Make sure your images have something in common to make the collage look harmonious and coherent. You can import all collage images at once to save time.

2. Create a new file and set the appropriate size.

If you want to print your collage photo, set the dpi to 300 in this step. If you just want to share it on social media, then 72dpi is enough. To open a new document in Photoshop, select "Create." Go to File > Script > Import your two images by "Load files into stack".

To make a collage in Photoshop, you need to have all your images in the same document. Each of them needs to be located on a separate layer. You can do this manually using the command Place. Next, browse through each image separately, right-click on the layer and go to convert to Smart Object.

3. Arrange the images

It's time to make a photo collage. When you have finished uploading your images you may find that the two images are stacked on top of each other, then you can find the "eye" symbol next to the thumbnail of the image on the right and click on it to close or open the top layer.

Make sure "Snap" and "Snap To Document Bounds" are enabled. Then select the Move tool from the top of the tools panel. Select the image on the top layer and drag it vertically or horizontally to the side of another image. For this step I recommend holding down Shift, which limits the direction you can move and make it easier for you to drag the image.

Your image will abruptly snap to the edge once you have moved it nearly to the edge of the document. Release the mouse button and the Shift key once you're finished. The top image, which is positioned on the canvas' side, can be obscured. Don't worry, all you need to do at this point is choose "Reveal All" from the Image menu in the menu bar, and Photoshop resizes the canvas to display all of the images.

4. Save your photo collage

Here, The task to be completed is almost done. Crop off the excess parts of the canvas and save your collage. If you don't want to change it again then you can go directly to Layer > Flatten image. This action will lock the layer background and you will not be able to edit your collage again afterward. However, you shouldn't flatten your photo collage if you want to maintain the editable version. To do so, you should save the file in a PSD format.

How to merge two images with an online collage maker

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Start Editing

Although Photoshop has a lot of customizability and is perfect for professionals, it may not be very friendly for beginners. What we are about to introduce is a powerful and efficient online photo collage maker - Fotor. It is suitable for beginners and easy to use.

Fotor offers many free photo collage templates, customize the free grid with your text, images, and more as you wish using simple yet powerful editing features. With just a few clicks, you can create a professional-looking photo collage right away. No design experience or technical skills are required.

1. First, find the collage maker in Fotor editor.

2. Select "Collage" in the left tool panel, you will see many classic grid collage layouts. Choose the one you like to start making a photo collage. Click the "+" button to upload your image.

make a 2 grids photo collage with fotor

3. You can pull the middle of the two grids to resize the two grids. And you can also set the margins and corner radius of the collage frame at the top of the canvas.

make a photo collage with fotor editor

4. It's time to save your photo collage. Click the "Download" button in the upper right corner to save your work, or you can click the cloud shape button above the canvas to sync your work to the cloud. Of course, you can also choose the file format you want when you download your collage.


Did you get how to merge images in Photoshop? Do not hesitate to try them now. You can use these tools to create creative collages freely. Hope this post can help you and you will enjoy these edit tools. If you have other better ideas to make a photo collage, please comment and share with us!


Q. Does Photoshop have collage templates?

Unfortunately, Photoshop doesn't have any templates, but there are many free templates available online. Or you can create your own collage templates to meet your needs. Save your file as a PSD format to your computer and then set the format to Photoshop, so you can edit it in the future.

Q. How can I make a photo collage in a grid in Photoshop?

It's simple to align your photographs in Photoshop using grids to make sure everything is straight. The simplest way to do this is to launch the Grid Overlay tool in Photoshop. Go to Display in the View menu, then select Grids. then select Preferences > Guides, Grids & Slices to make the necessary changes.

Q. How can I add a frame around a collage in Photoshop?

Open the Layer panel and double-click on any layer. You will then see the Layer Styles dialog box, where you can select Stroke in the left menu and customize its color and width in the options on the right. Repeat the above steps until each edge of the collage has been added to the frames.

Q. Can I make a photo collage with my phone?

Yes. Fotor is available for mobile app, both iOS and Android. You can search for the keyword "Fotor" in your phone's application store and download it, or you can also find the relevant download link on our official website.