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Congratulations on entering a new stage of your life. A wedding is a big event in one’s life. And there are a lot of procedures in this significant ceremony. Making a wedding invitation is a very important pre-step for your wedding. This invitation also carries the happiness of you and your beloved. Pass on this happiness and joy to your family and friends. Inform and invite them to witness the important moment in your life. Wedding invitations are a sense of ceremony and a record of good times. Come and make unique invitations for your wedding in minutes with Fotor’s invitation maker now!

Fotor provides you with wedding invitation templates for all kinds of wedding scenarios and needs. Whether you want something simple, sophisticated, with cartoon characters, holding wedding photos, formal, traditional, modern, etc., it offers you all. You just need to choose the wedding invitation template that matches your wedding style. After picking a wedding invitation template, your wedding invitation production will be very easy.

Next, you just need to complete your wedding information on the wedding invitation template. Fotor provides you with many useful widgets. You can add filters to your wedding photos to maximize the charm of you and your lover. The text part of the wedding invitation usually needs to include the following main information: 1. The names of you and your loved one. 2. The time of the wedding. 3. The place of the wedding. 4. Some invitation text. 5. Your parents’ name. Fotor allows you to bold or highlight important information. It is also possible to make curved text. In short, release your imagination and design freely.

After creating your wedding invitation, you can share it on social media or download it for printing. Sharing e-wedding invitations to social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is very easy with Fotor. Fotor also supports you to download wedding invitations in various formats, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. You can also choose different resolutions. Come and try it out!