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Add a digital glitch effect to any image with Fotor's glitch generator online for free. Create a fantasy glitchy distortion photo with the retro glitch filter now!

Add a glitch effect on a woman portrait with fotor
Upload a woman portrait and add a glitch effect on it

Add Glitch Effect to Image Instantly

Fotor makes it easy to create a glitch photo with the online glitch effect tool. You can create stunning cyberpunk-style images with a retro glitchy look in minutes. To add glitch effects to images, upload your image or drag and drop it to canvas, then overlay the glitch picture effect. You can easily add a glitch screen effect to your photo with just a few clicks, and adjust the effect intensity as needed.

Add Glitch Effect Now
Turn a general woman portrait to a vintage glitch photo

Use Glitch Effect to Make A Vintage Glitch Image

There's nothing cooler than a glitch photo! The glitch effect is definitely one of the most popular artistic effects in recent years, especially with the influence of Tiktok. Create vintage glitch photos using Fotor's artistic glitch filter to simulate the glitchy effect from an old TV set, which will amaze your followers! Explore the retro aesthetic world of trendy distorted glitches with Fotor.

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Generate a woman portrait to a glitch design

Maximize Your Design with A Glitch Filter

With Fotor's built-in professional editing and design tools, you can create unique glitch designs like a pro. Fotor offers styles of design templates for you to choose from, just combined with the cool glitch photo effect and other creative design resources to maximize your photos from all aspects. And also you can generate your own trendy glitch effect background, or make a cool glitch pfp with our pfp maker. Creating your own glitch designs has never been easier!

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Make glitch texts with fotors glitch effect

Create A Glitch Text Effect

Generate your glitch text with Fotor's glitch effect generator to make your text design stand out from the crowd. With creative text combinations and a huge variety of fancy fonts created by Fotor's professional design team, you can easily create unique and cool glitch texts to get more attention. Whether you want to create a brand logo, a youtube video logo, or just optimize your design, glitch text is one of the best choices. It is simple to create a distorted aesthetic text glitch effect for any project.

Add Glitch Effect Now
Add a glitch effect on a portrait

How to Add A Glitch Effect to Photo?

  • First, click the button "Add Glitch Effect Now" and upload the image that you want to edit.
  • Go to "Adjust" at the left and find the tool "Film Grain". You will see that this effect will instantly be applied to your photo.
  • Adjust the intensity and roughness of the filter to meet the effect you want. And don't forget to click "Apply".
  • You can also combine other creative filters and other editing tools provided by Fotor to make further designs and make your photos look more glitchy!
  • Finally, download your work in the desired file format.
Add Glitch Effect Now


What Is A Glitch Effect?

How to Make Glitch Texts?