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Convert your WebP files to GIF online for free. Simply drop your WebP images to Fotor's WebP to GIF converter. Create Your animated SVG to GIF now!

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How to Convert WebP to GIF?

With Fotor's WebP to GIF converter, you can effortlessly convert WebP to GIF in three simple steps:

1. Choose the WebP file you want to convert.

2. Click on "Start " to convert your file from WebP to GIF.

3. Download the converted GIF file and save your WebP in GIF format.

The static butterfly webp format photo has turned into a dynamic gif

Free Online WebP to GIF Converter

Fotor's WebP to GIF converter is an easy-to-use tool that instantly converts your WebP to GIF files online, including animated WebP files. Enjoy fast WebP to GIF conversion without installations or plugins. Simply upload your WebP image to the converter, and you'll get a high-quality GIF file without loss in quality. Convert your WebP files to stunning GIFs effortlessly now!

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Batch Convert WebP to GIF

With the flexibility to process multiple files simultaneously, you can convert your WebP images to GIF in bulk. Just upload multiple files at once, and our converter will efficiently process them in one go and ensure you receive all your converted GIF files promptly.

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High-Quality Conversions

GIF format files often have larger sizes and are restricted to 256 colors. This can potentially impact image quality. With our tool, you can seamlessly convert WebP to GIF formats without sacrificing quality or detail from the original image.

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Fast WebP Conversion

Say goodbye to long waiting times. Our converter features real-time conversions. Once you upload your files, our tool immediately initiates the conversion process and delivers your converted files to you in real-time. This innovative feature guarantees unmatched speed and ensures you receive your converted files in the shortest time possible.

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Cross Platform

Fotor offers diverse tools tailored to your convenience for seamless file conversion. Besides online WebP to GIF converter, we have a desktop app for file conversions from your desktop. Moreover, you can convert images directly on your mobile device using our image converter apps available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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Easy to Use

Our WebP to GIF converter features an intuitive interface for effortless usage. The tool operates directly within your browser, ensuring swift and private conversions without the need for additional software installations. With just a few clicks, you can transform your WebP images into GIFs effortlessly.

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Your Data is Secure

Fotor is trusted by users and customers worldwide. Our WebP to GIF Converter is free and compatible with all web browsers. Your files are exclusively yours and no one will ever have access to them. With 256-bit SSL encryption, they're securely protected and automatically deleted after a few hours.