Easily convert HEIC files to PNG without losing quality using free online HEIC to PNG converter tool of Fotor. Fast, easy, and batch converting supported.

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Easily convert a young girl wearing pink t shirt heic image to png online with fotor image converter

Fast & Free HEIC to PNG Converter

Converting HEIC to PNG can be a hassle-free experience with Fotor’s online HEIC to PNG converter. Simply upload your HEIC format image and select the desired PNG format in our image converter, and you will get a PNG image with high quality and compatibility in seconds.

Whether you have a single HEIC image or a batch of them, you can make the conversion swiftly and without any cost.

Convert HEIC to PNG
High quality heic to png image conversion

Convert HEIC to PNG with High Quality

Worried about image quality when converting HEIC image to PNG image? Don’t worry, Fotor is here to help! With our HEIC to PNG converter, you can achieve image conversion without compromising clarity, ensuring that your images remain of the highest quality possible. Start your journey to turning HEIC to PNG in our HD HEIC converter now!

Convert HEIC to PNG
Better compatibility with png images

HEIC Converter for Better Compatibility & Sharing

Convert your HEIC image online to widely used PNG without compromising quality or changing your workflow! With our HEIC converter, you can take up Apple’s new HEIC format without worrying about compatibility with other devices or software. Converting HEIC to PNG allows for better compatibility. PNG is a widely supported format, making it accessible across different platforms. This conversion makes sharing images online a breeze.

Convert HEIC to PNG
Get transparent png with fotor heic to png converter

Get Your HEIC Files Convert to Transparent PNG

If you need to submit an image with a clear background on platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and more, it's advisable to convert your HEIC images into transparent PNGs. Fortunately, our HEIC to PNG converter offers a solution to achieve this. With the PNG maker in Fotor, not only can you convert HEIC to PNG, but also make image transparent to create transparent PNG in one place.

Convert HEIC to PNG
Batch convert four product heic images to png with fotor image converter

Change HEIC to PNG in Bulk

Say goodbye to manually converting multiple HEIC files to PNG. HEIC to PNG converter in Fotor offers the option to convert HEIC files in bulk. Simply select all the HEIC files you want to convert, and our HEIC converter will handle the rest, saving you valuable time and effort.

Convert HEIC to PNG

FAQs About HEIC to PNG

What is HEIC?

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