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Effortlessly convert JPG to PNG formats and transparent PNG images with Fotor's free online JPG to PNG converter.

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Converting JPG people photo to PNG in a single click using Fotor

JPG to PNG in a Single Click

Fotor’s JPG to PNG converter is very easy to use. It does not require any technical skill or installation. Just upload the JPG image you want to convert. Then select the PNG format to start converting. Your new PNG image will be ready to download in no time. This process is automatic and takes only a few seconds. It’s that easy.

Moreover, Fotor is also capable of converting various file formats, from converting PNG to JPG or changing JPEG to PDF, Fotor has got you covered!

Convert JPG to transparent PNG using Fotor

Convert JPG to Transparent PNG

With Fotor, you can not only convert JPG images to PNG formats but also convert JPGs to PNGs with transparent backgrounds. The PNG maker from Fotor uses AI technology to detect and remove the background from your picture. Just upload your JPG and Fotor will do the rest automatically. Creating transparent PNGs has never been easier using Fotor.

Convert JPG butterfly photo to PNG without losng quality

Change JPG to PNG With the Best Quality

You don't have to worry about the image quality when converting JPEG to PNG with Fotor. The result will be intact with all the details preserved. Furthermore, you are able to download your PNG file in HD file format. Online image conversion is now easy and convenient.

batch convert JPG to PNG

Batch JPG to PNG Conversion

Turning JPG to PNG does not have to be done one by one. Fotor's batch conversion feature enables you to convert multiple JPEGs to PNGs at once. You can upload up to 50 JPEGs and have them converted into PNGs in an instant. Save time and speed up your workflows with Fotor right now.

How To Convert JPG To PNG?

  • Fotor's JPG to PNG converter tool makes it easy to convert JPG to PNG online. First, click the button "Convert jpg to png now", and simply upload your JPG pictures.
  • Find "Batch" at the left tool menu, and click "Format". (To save time, you can upload a bulk of JPG images and convert them all at once. )Then select the PNG format option, and Fotor will convert your JPG into a high-quality PNG file instantly.
  • That’s it. Once the image conversion is completed, click “Download” to save all your new PNG files on your computer.

Fast and Free Online JPG to PNG Converter

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