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make youtube logos for your videso with fotor logo maker
A holiday themed blue logo

Design YouTube Logo with YouTube Logo Maker in Minutes

Fotor makes it easy to design YouTube logos. You can quickly make a logo for YouTube channel with the YouTube logo creator, no matter your design experience. To make a creative and aesthetic YouTube logo, just browse and choose one logo template from the various styles of preset YouTube logo templates, and edit and adjust it according to your preference. You will get a professional-looking and recognizable logo for YouTube in minutes.

Design a YouTube Logo
Three good looking logo templates

Start with Ready-to-use YouTube Logo Templates

Creating a unique YouTube logo that your audience will recognize instantly with Fotor's YouTube logo maker and the huge library of preset design templates. Whether you want a cute YouTube logo for your pet channel or a cool YouTube logo for your gaming channel, you can easily find a logo template to match your channel tone. You can even create a design more than a logo with our template library, such as YouTube PFP and YouTube thumbnail.

Design a YouTube Logo
Customize youtube logos with fotor logo maker

Easy Ways to Customize Logos for YouTube

Combine the free logo maker for your YouTube channel with other excellent tools to decorate your design. Add some iconic stickers to your logo, such as the YouTube symbol, insert curved text to your design to create aesthetic appeal, or you can even add a watermark to your logo with the YouTube watermark maker. You can even customize more, from the font to the color of the logo template. There are many ways to enhance your design.

Design a YouTube Logo
A colorful logo with a youtube symbol

Impress Your Audience with a Cool YouTube Logo

Every successful YouTube channel has its unique tone and representative logo. Make your channel stand out among content creators' and grab viewers' attention with a striking brand identity. You can easily make your own YouTube logo with Fotor's YouTube logo maker to visually convey the content and theme in just a few clicks, and use it on YouTube or other social media to stir up the interest of your target audience.

Design a YouTube Logo

How to Make a YouTube Logo?

  • Click the “Design a YouTube Logo” button to get started.
  • Find and click "All Templates" to choose "Logo" layout, and browse “YouTube” in the search box. There are many well-made YouTube logo templates for you.
  • Choose one to get started. Adjust the text, color scheme, and other elements in the logo template according to your preference.
  • Preview and save your design in the desired file format. You can also share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
Design a YouTube Logo

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Design a YouTube Logo