Remove Background for Media

Spend much time on news writing, not photo editing. Removing the background from the photo automatically can make newspaper photo editing simple.

Fotor's AI background eraser will extract the subject from the background. You are free to take the subject in any newspaper or magazine.

Convert female doctor image into blue background cover with fotor background remover
Remove girl image background into transparent and add text

Get Your Periodicals Photo Background Transparent in a Snap

The pictures in newspapers and magazines are a part that can't be ignored. Good layout illustrations can directly affect the success or failure of a publication, but it's not sensible to spend too much time creating magazine pictures.

Fortunately, Fotor's online background remover can automatically identify the photo subject and background, smoothly separate the background and get a high-quality transparent background image, providing efficient help for your social media illustrations!

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Convert lady image into new background and add to news image on phone

More Creative Inspiration for Media Professionals

Try creating a new style of page graphics for your layout by changing image backgrounds. Remove the original background of the photo and replace it with a new one to fit the content of the different themes, saving you time in matching pictures.

With Fotor, you'll have background removal done in less than a few seconds and the process is completely automatic.

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Remove girl yellow background into transparent with photos and text icons

Blends Easily with Any Form of Content

Whether you need to combine transparent images with text or images, Fotor can help you save a lot of time and effort. Adding Fotor to your workflow opens up a wide range of possibilities for your social platform images. One-click background removal can better help you combine with other text graphics to create more engaging social media content.

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