Remove Background for Marketing

Remove background from image to get the subject and do ads photo editing in one click with Fotor's background remover.

Boost your business sales with amazing marketing ads.

Remove cosmetics background into transparent with fotor background remover with promotion icon
Remove girl background into white with fotor background remover

Remove Product Background for Ads in One Click

Ad photo editing is complicated, especially removing backgrounds from product photos. This used to be the preserve of designers.

But luckily there is Fotor's online background remover! Based on AI technology, Fotor is able to automatically extract the subject of a photo and remove the background from any image. It only takes a few seconds to finish editing the background of ads photo!

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Change headphone background to transparent and colorful background with promotion icon

Enhance Customer-Brand Interaction for Engagement

Improve the interaction between the customers and the brand, and try to create some creative photos of the brand and the promotion information.

Combine them with the ad image to create an interesting and unique brand campaign image that brings more fun and experience to the audience. Fotor helps your unique ideas come to life and make the tedious Ads photo editing process a pleasure!

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Remove shoe background into white with fotor background remover

Optimize the Professionalism of the Product Image

Products that are sold online are usually displayed with a white background, and it is often not possible to get a picture with a pure white background by taking a photo. Try Fotor's free online background remover to add a white background to a photo.

Just upload your photo and wait for seconds, and the image background remover will automatically remove the complex background. Then you can choose a white background for your product image for a professional looking.

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Change signage background into transparent and colorful background and file background

Create Generic Signature for Marketing Usages

Electronic signatures are becoming more and more widely used in online marketing. Are you still using photographed signature images placed at the signature of various documents resulting in different colors?

Fotor's background remover can smooth and clean the edges of signature photos to ensure the integrity of the signature. Remove background from signature and save in PNG format for all image backgrounds to keep the document or file consistent.

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