Best Background Color for Website, Product, and Photography

application of different background colors in different types of photos

Background colors play a crucial role in the overall visual appeal and effectiveness of websites, product backgrounds, and photographs. The right background color can enhance readability, evoke emotions, highlight essential elements, and create a memorable user experience.

This guide aims to help you choose the best background color for various applications by exploring popular choices, factors to consider, and tips for experimenting with different colors.

Best Background Colors for Websites

a website interface with a blue background

The background color is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of web design. It sets the foundation for the entire website and contributes significantly to the user experience, aesthetics, and overall effectiveness of the site. The right background color can create a harmonious and visually appealing environment, making it easier for users to interact with your website and absorb its content.

Popular Choices and Their Implications

1. White

White is a popular choice for website backgrounds due to its clean, minimalistic look. White backgrounds can create a sense of simplicity and professionalism, making it ideal for businesses and informational websites.

2. Light grey

Light grey offers a neutral, modern look that works well for a wide range of websites. It provides an excellent base for other design elements and color schemes.

3. Pastel colors

Soft pastel colors can create a warm, inviting atmosphere, making them suitable for personal blogs, creative portfolios, and lifestyle websites.

4. Dark colors

Dark background colors, like black or navy blue, can evoke a sense of sophistication, luxury, or elegance. They work well for high-end brands, art galleries, or creative portfolios.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Background Color

  • Brand identity and target audience:

Consider your brand's personality and the preferences of your target audience when selecting a background color.

  • Readability and contrast:

Ensure the background color provides enough contrast for text and other elements to be easily readable.

  • Responsive design and accessibility:

Test your background color on various devices and screen sizes, and consider accessibility guidelines for people with visual impairments.

Tips for Experimenting with Website Background Colors

  • Use color palette generators:

Online tools like Adobe Color and Coolors can help you generate harmonious color schemes.

  • Incorporate gradients and textures:

Adding gradients or textures can create depth and visual interest in your website's background.

  • Test different background colors:

Try testing multiple background colors to determine which one performs best in terms of user engagement and conversions.

Best Background Colors for Product Backgrounds

white watch with different background color

A well-chosen product background color can enhance product presentation, create a consistent brand image, and ultimately boost sales by making the product more appealing to potential customers.

Common Product Background Color Choices and Their Effects

1. White

White is the most common background color for product images, as it provides a clean, distraction-free canvas that highlights the product.

2. Light grey:

Light grey is another popular choice, as it can add a subtle sense of depth and sophistication to product images.

3. Brand colors:

Using your brand's primary or secondary colors as the product background can help reinforce brand identity and create a cohesive visual experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Product Background Color

  • Product color:

Choose a background color that complements and showcases the product's colors effectively.

  • Brand consistency:

Ensure that the chosen background color aligns with your brand's color scheme and visual identity.

  • Market competition:

Consider the background colors used by competitors and determine if you want to blend in or stand out.

Tips for Creating Eye-catching Product Backgrounds

  • Use simple, uncluttered backgrounds to keep the focus on the product.
  • Experiment with subtle gradients, shadows, or textures to add depth and visual interest.
  • Test different background colors to determine which one best showcases your product and resonates with your target audience.

Best Background Colors for Photographs

a male portrait with a gray color background

The background color in a photograph can significantly impact the overall composition, mood, and visual appeal. Well-chosen background color can make the subject stand out, add depth to the image, and create a harmonious color scheme.

Popular Background Colors for Different Photography Genres

1. Portrait photography

Neutral colors like white, grey, or beige are popular choices for portrait backgrounds, as they help focus attention on the subject without distraction.

2. Landscape photography:

The natural colors found in the environment, such as greens, blues, and browns, typically dominate landscape photography backgrounds.

3. Product photography:

As mentioned earlier, white and light grey are popular choices for product photography backgrounds to showcase the product clearly.

4. Fine art photography:

Fine art photographers often use bold, contrasting background colors or creative patterns to evoke emotions and create a unique visual experience.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Background Color for Photographs

  • Subject color and contrast:

Choose a background color that complements the subject and provides enough contrast for the subject to stand out.

  • Mood and emotion:

Consider the emotions and mood you want to evoke with the photograph and select a background color that supports that intention.

  • Context and environment:

Be mindful of the context and environment in which the photograph will be displayed or used, and choose a background color that is appropriate.

Create Best Background Colors for Your Photos with an Online Photo Editor

A well-chosen background color can enhance the overall mood and composition of a photo. However, creating the perfect background color can be a daunting task, especially if you're not a professional photographer or designer. Fortunately, with Fotor, you can easily create the best background color for your photo without any hassle.

Fotors background remover tool for ID photo

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Fotor bg remover interface

Here are the steps on how to add a color background for a photo:

  1. Go to the Background Remover tool, and upload the image you want to edit.
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  3. Choose your desired background from the preset color backgrounds on the right, or you can upload your own image as the new background.
  4. When you're done, click the download button to save your photo in HD format. That's it!

If you are an owner of an e-commerce website and tend to display an array of products. Fotor's background changer can help you remove product background and get a transparent PNG in just one tap.

If you are a blogger or a website runner, you're recommended to add white background to photo for a clean and simple website outlook, this can ease the exhaustion of visitors' eyes when they look through your content.

In our background photo library, you can choose gradient, solid colors, or other best color combinations to take your website design and photography to the next level. You're sure to get inspiration from our color palette ideas and find the perfect color match.


The journey to finding the best background color is one of exploration and experimentation. Use the tips and guidelines provided in this guide to help you make informed decisions and create visually appealing and effective backgrounds for your websites, products, and photographs. Embrace the creative process and discover the power of background colors in enhancing your projects' overall impact.