How to Remove Photo Background Online Instantly: Easy Guides

how to remove background online

We all like to create DIY photo scrapbook by cutting the people or stuff out paper, but how to cut out objects on your computer and create beautiful designs online? Fotor online background remover is one of the most powerful tools that you can try. It’s a great way to extract the parts of your photos that you want to use in other templates or other designs.

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Help you easily enhance photos from any aspect.

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What makes this tool so good?

Well, it boils down to ease of use and efficiency. This removing photo background tool can quickly do work that would take much more time on another piece of software and require a much higher learning curve. This is designed to finish its job cleanly and efficiently so you can get on with your life. That’s what’s great about Fotor, designing is no longer a hassle and 20 tabs open trying to find the right Photoshop tutorial that can finally show you the simple thing you were trying to figure out.

  • For Portrait

Some really great things you can do with this is when you pair it with portraits. If you have a simple background you can remove it fairly easy. It will be a breeze to then to change the photo background to any fun locale and you can be the next Instagram trailblazer! Who doesn’t dream of going on vacation and getting paid to do it? I know I do some days!

portrait background remover

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You can add in more appropriate backgrounds like if you had a landscape background but need a blue or red background for some DIY portraits, it’s a snap to change.

  • For E-commerce

It also works really well for your business. You can optimize the background you need for your products depending on what the platform requires. Add a white background quickly to product photos or make the background more fitting and relevant to your product so as to make your product more appealing to customers.

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How to Remove Photo Background with Fotor

Now, let’s take a look and see how you use the Magic Clipper tool. The way this tool works is you use the green brush to highlight what you want to keep and the red brush to highlight what you want to be removed. Think of it as a stop light. Red areas stop being in the picture, and green areas go into your final product.

First, upload your photo.

upload your picture

After you’ve loaded the image, then go to the Magic Clipper tool.

find background remover

Then, select the area you want to keep, and select the area you want to cut out. You can choose the size of the brush in the left.

brush the area you want to remove and keep

Finally, make sure your edges are where you want and Apply changes.

export the photo

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Here’s a short video about how to remove photo background that helps you walk through all the steps, check it out.


  • How do you make the background transparent in a logo or other picture?

Something that the background remover is great for are logos. Get your logo image ready in Fotor photo editor, and Fotor will remove background from logo automatically for you. Finally apply the changes and save the photo easily.

  • Doesn’t a JPG/JPEG have a white background?

The two major ways that images are saved for use are the .jpg and .png formats. Each of these are very prevalent online. JPG is better at compressing images, while PNG has the added benefit where you can have a transparent background. That means any part that isn’t filled in with any color or shade, will allow whatever is behind it to be viewed, while JPG will fill in the gaps with white, even if you attempt to leave it transparent in your own version.

It boils down to this:

PNG allows for a transparent background but is a larger file format. JPG doesn’t allow for a transparent background but is a smaller file format.

  • What good is a transparent background?

Having a transparent background can be really useful for a number of things. It can help you put watermarks onto your images, since you can save your watermark as a .png and then place it over anything you create, and because, as we all now know, .png images have transparent backgrounds, that means you’ll see the image below your watermark!

  • How can I tell my background will come out transparent?

Now, if you’re trying to make your background transparent, what does that look like? Well, it’s white, but remember that it won’t really be white. This is what you want to have showing in any portion that you want to show up transparent in any file you save as .png. Luckily Fotor's PNG maker makes it really easy to save photos as PNGs.

All you have to do is when you go to save your file, make sure you change File Type from jpg to png. Then, all those blank spaces will indeed show up as transparent when you apply it to any other images or websites. Or you still can try image converter to change image into PNG.


Wow, doesn’t Fotor make what was once an hour or 2 ordeals into something easy enough to finish up in 10 minutes? These are really great for freelancers like me whose time is valuable, and we really need to increase our per-hour output, and this really saves a lot of time and hassle, because while I am versed in Photoshop, I can get a lot of jobs done so much quicker on Fotor. I hope this article helped pierce the veil to understand how transparent backgrounds work. Now you can easily cut out any subject of any of your pieces and apply it to any template here on Fotor or create your own from scratch, and you can easily create a logo here and save it as a PNG so you can use it on your website, Twitter, Facebook, or any other place where you need branding.

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