Online Image Viewer

Want to check how a picture looks or enhance it?Free image viewer of Fotor allows you to view in detail, edit and manage photos with a few clicks!

Upload and see images in detail with image viewer of fotor
Upload images to view and edit in fotor image viewer

Easy-to-use Online Image Viewer

Image viewer of Fotor is a quick and easy solution to view photos online. With a clean and intuitive interface, our image viewer allows you to upload and view a picture in seconds. Whether you want to open a single image or create a gallery, the image viewer ensures a smooth experience without any technical complications.

Upload any picture in Fotor, zoom in to check its details, and download it in various image formats perfect for online projects or social media.

View and Edit Photos
Edit images in fotor image viewer

Powerful Photo Editing Toolkits

Upload to view and perfect your images with our easy-to-use photo editing toolkits. With a wide array of editing options available, you can enhance your images to perfection. Basic adjustments such as cropping, rotating, and resizing are easily accessible. Moreover, our image viewer goes beyond the basics, providing advanced tools for exposure control, color correction, and artistic filters, giving your photos a professional touch.

View and Edit Photos
Add some design elements to your photos

Do More Stunning Designs in Minutes

Beyond being just an image viewer and editor, Fotor also empowers you to create stunning designs in minutes. With a rich collection of graphic elements and templates, you can customize your photo with our image viewer. Such as adding texts, stickers to your photo, changing background and so forth. Use these professional design resources to bring your creative vision to life.

View and Edit Photos
Manage photos by putting them into folders with fotor

Excellent for Photo Management

Keeping your photo collection organized is vital, especially when dealing with a vast number of images. Fotor's Online image viewer excels in photo management, allowing you to create and rename the folders, tag photos, and easily search for specific images. It helps users find their desired images quickly and efficiently, streamlining the overall photo management process.

View and Edit Photos
View and edit photos in fotor image viewer

How to Use Our Image Viewer

  • Click the "View and Edit Photos" button to enter our photo editor to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop the image you want to view in detail. Use the wide variety of tools to customize the image with filters, effects, captions, or create unique collages.
  • Click on the “Download” button when you're done to save your image in multiple file formats.
View and Edit Photos

Image Viewer with More Customizations

Text icon


Add text to images to provide more possibilities for design work.

Crop icon


Enhance the entire composition by cropping excess elements in images with our image cropper.

Transparency icon


Use the opacity tool to adjust the transparency of images to highlight or weaken certain elements.

Rotate icon


Use our rotate tool to rotate images or elements to play with all angles.

Layer icon


Use the image viewer to add different layers to your images for better grouping or ungrouping image elements.

Shadow icon

Drop Shadow

Add shadows to images to create a sense of three-dimensional depth.