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Make PNG pictures with transparent background in the Fotor transparent PNG maker online. Instant to create transparent PNG with a few clicks!

convert a female image into transparent png with fotor png maker
turn a female picture to a transparent png with fotor png maker

Easy-to-use Online Transparent PNG Maker

Fotor allows you to use its online transparent PNG maker to remove PNG background and create transparent PNG in a few clicks. Just upload your images, and Fotor's PNG maker will automatically process your images into PNG pictures with transparent background within seconds. With Fotor, you can convert any type of image into blank PNGs.

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convert a female jpg to a transparent png

Convert a JPG to a Transparent PNG Effortlessly

PNG image, as a raster-based file, possesses more advantages compared to JPG. It has lossless compression, which means that there is no loss of quality every time it is opened and saved again. And PNG also works nicely with detailed, high-contrast images. PNG files compress images for portability in intactness. Fotor's transparent png maker makes it easy to convert JPG to a transparent PNG to bring more possibilities to designs.

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Make lipstick png background transparent and change backgrounds in fotor

Customize PNG Transparent Background for Free

Now you can level up your transparent PNG right here with our transparent PNG maker. Our inbuilt background changer allows you to customize your transparent PNG background with wanted ones, including pre-set backgrounds, your own images, even the AI generated backgrounds.

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Make product portrait logo and text png transparent using fotor transparent png maker

Make Transparent Logo, Text, and More

Transparent PNG files are perfect for brand designs. You can easily create a transparent logo with our transparent PNG maker for poster, brochure, and packaging designs. Besides, our transparent PNG creator removes background from the digital signature, which allows clear PNG format to be printed on your business cards within seconds!

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Make female png transparent background in fotor transparent png maker

How to Make a PNG Transparent

  • Click on the “Make Transparent PNG Now” button to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop the images that you want to transform into transparent PNG to remove the background 100% automatically.
  • Download the image with transparent background as the PNG file.
  • Keep editing your new transparent PNG or Use it in your design.
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