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Easily catch the webtoon lookism trend on TikTok with Fotor’s webtoon filter. Transform your portraits into eye-catching webtoon anime within seconds!

Use fotor online webtoon filter to transform female selfie into the webtoon style
Four webtoon characters made by fotor online webtoon filter

Bring Webtoon Anime Look to Your Photo with Webtoon Filter

Want to make something different from the popular AI anime styles? Give the webtoon filter a try! As a new Korean anime style, it can freshen your photos by bringing webtoon anime look to your photos. Drag and drop your images, and let our AI webtoon filter level up your visuals with ease!

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Transform female portrait into webtoon style using fotor webtoon filter and post it on instagram

Post Images with Webtoon Filter to Win Over Likes

As one of the popular AI filters, the webtoon filter goes viral on social media platforms. And it’s never too late to make your own webtoon anime style images using Fotor’s online webtoon filter. You can get amazing webtoon effects and easily win over likes and posts on TikTok, Instagram, and more platforms!

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Use fotor webtoon app to turn female selfie into webtoon

Use the Best Webtoon App on the Go

Also, our webtoon filter is available on our powerful webtoon app, which you can turn your photo into webtoon anime on any portable device. Just download our webtoons app, and use our AI webtoon filter effect to create stunning toon anime on the go!

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Use fotors online webtoon filter to turn a female portrait into webtoon style

How to Make Webtoons with Webtoon Filter?

  • Click the “Try Webtoon Filter Now” button to get started.
  • Then, click “From Image” on the left dashboard. Drag and drop or upload the images that you want to apply the AI webtoon filter.
  • Wait a few seconds, and our webtoon filter will transform you into webtoon anime.
  • Preview and download your images with the webtoon filter.
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