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Type your text and see it transform into a variety of fancy font styles with Fotor’s free font generator. Copy and paste fonts you like to use for your social media networks, messaging apps, documents, design projects, and anywhere else you want for free!

ŧɏᵽɇ sømɇŧħɨnǥ ŧø sŧȺɍŧ


Շץקє ร๏๓єՇђเภﻮ Շ๏ รՇคгՇ


̊t̊̊ẙ̊p̊̊e̊ ̊s̊̊o̊̊m̊̊e̊̊t̊̊h̊̊i̊̊n̊̊g̊ ̊t̊̊o̊ ̊s̊̊t̊̊å̊r̊̊t̊

GlitchBubbles On Top

̳t̳̳y̳̳p̳̳e̳ ̳s̳̳o̳̳m̳̳e̳̳t̳̳h̳̳i̳̳n̳̳g̳ ̳t̳̳o̳ ̳s̳̳t̳̳a̳̳r̳̳t̳

GlitchMusic Bars
Copy and paste the generated fancy font generator to the chatting page

Easy-to-Use Fancy Font Generator

Fotor’s fancy font generator allows you to turn normal text to fancy text easily and quickly, from the cool fancy text to the cute fancy text. You just need to copy and paste text to our online font generator widget, and pretty fonts will be applied to your text in real-time. With the stylish text made in our online font changer, you can get copy and paste fonts you like anywhere and anytime!

Generate Fancy Fonts
Various fancy fonts from fotor

100+ Free Fancy Fonts Available

To meet everyone’s demand on the fancy fonts, our fancy font generator offers you more than 100 stylized text fonts. You can easily find your wanted unique fonts or special fonts as needed. From the cool fancy fonts to the cursive fancy font, our stylish text generator gets you all covered!

Generate Fancy Fonts
Generate the fancy font with emojis in fotor online fancy font generator

Make Custom Text in Our Fancy Text Generator

Our online fancy font copy and paste generator allows you to customize text font as you like. All the visually-striking fancy font with emojis can be customized to create special font designs. Fotor makes it flexible to decorate your beautiful fonts with its inbuilt text modifier from online custom text generator!

Generate Fancy Fonts
Use the fancy font as the social media bio text font

Fancy Font Generator for Online Streaming

Our fancy text generator is for every occasion. Whether you want to class up your social media posts or captivate viewers with fancy writing in both content and font, Fotor’s fancy word generator covers them all. You can generate fancy fonts for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Discord, and every platform. Start to beautify your content text with our copy and paste fancy font generator now!

Generate Fancy Fonts
Use the generated fancy fonts as the poster design text font in fotor

Online Fancy Font Generator for Visual Design

Still, you can take your graphic design to the next level with our fancy font generator. After converting your normal font to fancy fonts, just copy and paste fonts into our all-in-one graphic design platform, where you can add the generated fancy text and fonts to your images, advertisement posters, and holiday cards. Use our fancy text generator in no time to perfect your design!

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Why Use Fotor Fancy Font Generator

Clock icon in the gradient blue color

Copy and Paste Fancy Fonts

Our fancy font generator outputs fancy fonts immediately after you copy and paste your text.

Text font free icon in the gradient blue color

Free Powerful Font Changer

Easily convert your normal fonts to stylish and special fonts, Unicode fancy letters, fancy emojis, and symbols across devices, documents, and apps.

Mobile device icon in the gradient blue color

Device-Friendly Font Maker

Our fancy text generator is available and works well on every device, so you can level up your page aesthetic and visual design with our fancy fonts even on the go.


Our Fancy Font Generator Really Helps!

Fotor’s fancy font generator really helps level up my social platform bio text font with its incredible unique fonts. I can get various fancy fonts and text for my page with just copy and paste operation! I love it!



Fotor’s online fancy font generator really changes the way I design tattoo text for my clients and customers. They are always satisfied with the stylish fonts I made in Fotor. That really helps! I can get cursive fancy fonts and calligraphy fancy fonts my clients love in Fotor!


Tattoo Designer

I can’t imagine the visual text design without Fotor’s fancy font generator. I can freely apply those amazing special fonts and fancy fonts to my design. Whenever I need some custom text, I will definitely use Fotor’s online fancy text generator!


Visual Designer