The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Photo Shooting Guide for Couples


This year’s Valentine’s Day is ready here with us! Have you already made the perfect plan for it? Actually, taking some couple photographs to keep the feelings of the two can never be a bad idea. And taking some sweet couple photos on this special day will also be a great memory and experience for you two. To help you avoid all the possible awkwardness and bad shots with uninteresting poses and angles, we Fotor here have prepared this ultimate Valentine’s Day Photo Shooting Guide for you! Get ready to be inspired?

1. Stand side-by-side

With one shoulder closely stuck to another, or even shooting partially of this pose, the sweet feeling is already there.

2. First-person view

You can easily take photos of this kind by yourself. Just use the camera as your eyes, and capture the great moments when you’re holding hands.

3. Go funky

Be a funky couple on this special day! Funky poses and face expressions can create loads of fun during the shooting process.

4. A forehead kiss

What can be more romantic than some intimate poses in your photos? Try a forehead kiss or simply touch one’s forehead with another.

5. A big hug

Hug your loved one freely in front of the camera and let your photographer capture this sweet moment for you! You’ll be amazed by how the feeling was kept perfectly by the camera.

6. A hot big kiss

Overcome being camera shy, just look deep into each other’s eyes and start the hot big kiss. All the eye contacts and kissing moments are the best evidence for you love.

7. Shoot partially

Taking photos of you two holding hands can be sweet and creative at the same time. Of course, there are thousands of poses for you to try. And this can also be a great way for you to showcase your couple tattoos!

8. Blend into the environment

Find a great place with wonderful scenes. Use the most natural pose to let you blend into the scene.

Bet some of you already can’t wait to try these guidelines! And Fotor has also prepared some wonderful Valentine’s Day content for you, such as sticker set, frames, and templates. You can also visit our website via your desktop to design and create you very own Valentine’s Day cards and post for your loved one!

After taking your couple photos, don’t forget to further optimize them with Fotor, and send into Fotor’s ongoing photo mission ‘Love’!

Wish all of you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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