9 Best Face Slimming Apps to Get Skinny Face 2024

Summary: This post will introduce the top 9 face slimming apps to get the perfect skinny face instantly, pick your favorite one now.

9 face slimming apps

Have you thought about the question: Why do I look fat in pictures? How to look slim in photos? The advanced face editor has made it simpler than ever. With face sliming apps, achieving a slimmer, more confident look has never been easier. No need for extreme workouts or diets. You can easily tap with your fingers and turn into a thinner face in seconds, effortlessly becoming the perfect look you want.

In this article, we've curated the top 9 face slimming apps for iOS and Android in 2024. Each of them provides unique and perfect features for a skinny face naturally.

9 Best Face Slimmer Apps for Android and iOS 2024

We have made a list of the best 9 face slimming apps for you. Check out the list prepared for you and pick up one app to reshape perfect skinny face photos with ease.

Fotor - Best Face Slimming App

shape skinny face with Fotor face editor

Fotor face editor is the best face slimming app to meet your slimming face needs. It provides you with a magic slimming brush to reshape your face and body. You just need to slightly move your finger, and then your face or body will be thinner. By the way, the brush size and brush intensity make it adjustable for you to shape the perfect face freely. Easily move your finger and then your face thinner. With this magic brush, you can slim specific parts of face or body in an easy-operation interface.

Fotor face editor

Packed with rich touch-up tools, Fotor's face editor makes your selfies and portraits beautiful.

Click the corresponding function, then your face can glow up.

Get Perfect Slim Face Now

Plus, Fotor combines with artificial intelligence to assist with face retouch results. With face algorithm, One-tap AI skin retouch can automatically enhance your selfies in skin tones, skin details, color tones, and more.

Moreover, you can enjoy the limitless retouching of your face with handy features, including blemish fix, wrinkle remover, red-eye remover, teeth whitening, etc.

Key features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy for anyone
  • A detailed set of face editing tools
  • Easy-to-use face reshape feature by moving sliders
  • AI skin retouch to one-tap fix your face problems
  • Full-featured photo editor


  • Fotor Basic: Free
  • Fotor Pro: $3.33/month
  • Fotor Pro+: $7.49/month

Facetune - Skinny Face Editor

facetune app

Facetune is a versatile face thinning app with the best face slimming features. You can find multiple face adjustment features to choose from, jaw, perspectives, nose, eyes, eyebrows, etc. These features allow you to use fine adjustments of every detail, even slightly adjusting one of your eyebrows.

Key features

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile face editing and retouching features
  • Slim face with reshape


Offers in-app purchases

BeautyPlus - Beauty Cam

beautyplus app

BeautyPlus is an easy-to-use editing tool with a variety of face-retouching features. You can easily fix kinds of face problems, including adjustments like body slim, skin tone, head size, face shape, nose shape, and more. It is super easy to adjust by moving the sliders and tapping and it delivers fast and high-quality results.

Key features

  • Drag to reshape your face, ley, arm, etc
  • Easily reshape eyes, nose, mouth, and more
  • Retouch face photos naturally in HD quality


Offers in-app purchases

Meitu – Versatile Face Editor

meitu app

Meitu is a popular face slimmer app that has a lot of face retouching features to slim face. With this wonderful and easy-to-use skinny face app, you can shorten your jaw, sharpen your face outline, adjust your cheekbones, lose your double chins, etc. No matter what face adjustments you need, it has all covered for you.

Key features

  • Slim features for face and body
  • Smooth face skin in what you need
  • Multiple face editing tools


  • Meitu VIP: $4.99/Week
  • Meitu VIP: $7.99/Month
  • Meitu VIP+: $12.49/Month

YouCam Makeup- Face Editor

youcam makeup app

YouCam Makeup is one of the popular face slimming apps favored by users. It contains lots of face retouching features, including shaping jawlines, adjusting eye size, reshaping nose, and more. With the face algorithm, it will refine your face details in natural results which makes your selfies authentic. Plus, body shape features are also widely used for shaping beautiful figures.

Key features

  • Face reshape: slim face, reshape cheekbone, and more
  • Natural face outline and jawline
  • Useful AI selfie edito


$5.99 per month

FaceApp - Perfect Face Editor

Faceapp app

FaceApp is a popular face slimmer tool to slim your face easily. You can use their handy features to perfect your skinny face with face slimming filters. Use those realistic filters that retouch your face and boost your attractiveness. With the amazing face algorithm, shaping the slimmer face is much easier for you to operate. Experience the advanced AI face features in seconds by using the most popular young and old filters to change your face features with ease.

Key features

  • Attractive face retouching makeup
  • Refine face details with ease
  • Perfect selfies with impression filters


Face Pro: $8.00/month

Peachy - AI Face & Body Editor

peachy app

Peachy is a wonderful experience face and body editing tool with multiple editing features to improve your face shape and body structures. It allows you to enhance your facial looks by resizing your nose, enlarging your eyes, shortening your jaw, adjusting your face outline, etc. You can refine and adjust your face photos to what you need. By the way, individual adjustments for group photos are supported.

Key features

  • Face fine tuning by moving sliders
  • Reshape face details and body structures
  • Adjust and improve your pictures in specific areas


Offers in-app purchases

Perfect Me - Face Editor & Video Retouch

perfect me app

Perfect Me is a unique face slimming app that provides AI retouch features to get you a thinner face and slim body. You can use this app to easily refine your face outline and jawline by slightly moving the sliders. Moreover, making you taller, plumping your lips, whitening your teeth, and applying stunning makeup are popular features favored by people. With the Perfect Me app, it is easier to make you stand out like a superstar by refining your face and body.

Key features

  • Retouch figure with AI body scanner
  • Auto retouch face and body
  • Slim face and body in the video


$4.99 per month

Retouch Me - Body & Face Editor

retouch me app

Retouch Me is a good choice to experience face and body shaping. it allows you to get your skinny face and slim body with a photo editing tool. you can easily make your face thinner and retouch your face skin. Moreover, it provides photo editing exporters to assist in processing your image for you.

Key features

  • Reshape a slim face and toned body
  • Refine selfie picture details and facial features


Offers in-app purchases


Getting a slimmer face is a breeze with these powerful face slimming apps. Check out the list of best face slimmer apps and pick one suitable for you. Whether you need to slim face outline and jawlines or you need to retouch face details to get perfect selfies, there is also one pickup excellent enough for you.