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You have hit the big time and are planning your first seminar. You work closely with your colleagues to craft an event as exciting as it is informative. Then, you forget, you have to still make the program for your event! Unfortunately, you don’t have the time or skills to be able to craft a program that you think will really reflect the depth and fun your attendants will have at your event. You are scrambling until you remember Fotor. Good think you did, too, because we have a library of premade program templates that can get you out of this pickle and into the limelight as the mastermind that carefully crafted this event.

What Should Be Included

Before we delve into the tutorial, let’s take a second to think what all should go into an event program. We shouldn’t rush this and make sure we include everything that an event program needs to help anyone who attends the event find what they need quickly and easily. Here are a few things you should include:

These are your bread and butter. No event program should be printed without including these. Don’t forget QR codes as a great way to help folks seamlessly find your social media or sites on their phones.

Some other things to include that could really help out your attendants could be:

Don’t Be Too Wordy

Now that we know what we should include in our program, we should also forget that we shouldn’t be too wordy. The program is supposed to be something attendants can glance it and find the information they need and not have to slog through a lot of words and language to find the really useful bits of information, so save your long-winded descriptions for your website or another medium than your program. Words and utility of a program have an inverse relationship, which means the more words you add, the less likely your attendants will find your program useful.

Create a Custom Event Program at Fotor

Now, let’s go on over to fotor.com and go to experience the program maker see how we can use the site to make an outstanding event program that will wow your attendees and make them know the schedule clearly.

Gala or Awards

Annual Gala Movie Awards Event Program Templates

Click this Photo to Edit the Template

I really like this template. This one is a great style for anything involving an evening party that wants to feel a bit chic or formal.

Talents Shine Program Templates

Click this Photo to Edit the Template

This is a pretty timeless design with red and black. It is a great way to advertise your program with a minimum design that really has an impact on the audience.

Open House Event Program Design Templates

Click this Photo to Edit the Template

This is a great template that gives you a place to start designing your program brochure. There’s room on the back to include a map or QR code to lead your attendants to more information. It’s straightforward and easy to read. I can’t recommend this more due to its sheer minimalism and simplicity.

Student Presentation Program Design Layout

Click this Photo to Edit the Template

I wanted to feature this last one because I think it is adorable. This is a great design for anything involving school projects or events. It really brings me back to my school days with its bright colors and simple yet charming design.

There you have it! Fotor’s program templates are robust and easy to set up. With all the information you got in this introduction to effective programs and Fotor to help you make something that really grabs your attendants’ location, you’ll have the perfect design in just a few clicks. Create your program design immediately.

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