Content and information of previous packs
Please Note:
Previous versions of these packs are no longer available for purchase. If you have already subscribed to any of them, you can continue to use and renew
the packs. To upgrade to Fotor Pro/Graphic Professional, please contact us at
Edit & Collage
Paid Annually  $45.99 USD/year
$ 32.19 USD/ year
Paid Monthly  $6.99 USD/month
$ 4.89 USD/ month
Paid Annually  $89.99 USD/year
$ 53.99 USD/ year
Paid Monthly  $10.99 USD/month
$ 6.59 USD/ month
Graphic Professional
Edit, Collage & Design
Paid Annually  $119.99 USD/year
$ 59.99 USD/ year
Paid Monthly  $14.99 USD/month
$ 7.49 USD/ month

Membership Benefits

Photographer Pack
Designer Pack
Graphic Professional Pack
Add features to favorites
Ad-free Editing & Designing
Advanced Beauty Feature
Cutting-edge HDR tech
300+ custom designed stickers
Artistically designed background and texture
Hundreds of new design templates
(including facebook cover, poster, cards etc.)
60+ exclusive photo effects
30+ stylized photo frames
80+ exquisite collage templates