AI Text Effects

Apply unique style and texture to text with a text prompt.

Create beautiful, striking AI text effects for your social media posts, designs, marketing materials, and more with Fotor's online AI text generator.

AI text effects generated by Fotor
The word yum with ice cream AI text effect generated by Fotor

Create Visual Text Effects with AI

The AI text effect generator is powered by powerful artificial intelligence algorithms that generate unique variants of the selected fancy text based on your input content, giving your work a stunning look. With a range of text styles available in Fotor's AI image generator and fully customizable text descriptions, you can create text effects that stand out and make an impact with personalization.

Generate a Text Effect
Generate chocolate text effect to the letter b from text description

Apply an Eye-catching Text Effect from a Text Prompt

With Fotor's text prompt feature, applying personalized effects, textures, and patterns to your text is simple and straightforward. No special experience or pro skills are required, simply type a detailed description, and Fotor will take care of the rest. Create attractive text effects and styles with the AI art generator and get more inspiration and fun from the text. Fotor will help you bring your design concepts and ideas to life!

Generate a Text Effect
Three different font styles for the word yum

Various Text Styles

With our advanced AI text effect generator, you have the flexibility to create a wide range of font styles and text effects that align with your unique style and requirements. From the appetizing bread text effect to the intriguing glitch text effect, moss effect, or even the 3D text effect, Fotor is capable of swiftly generating and consistently maintaining exceptional quality standards.

Generate a Text Effect
Add the text love generated with AI to Instagram post

Create AI Text Effects for any Purpose

Create eye-catching textual effects for all your endeavors, infusing vitality into your headlines, subheadings, and quotes, leaving your audience in awe. Add these texts to your designs, whether it's social media graphics, marketing materials, or personal creations, our AI text effect creator serves as the ultimate solution to elevate your creative projects.

Generate a Text Effect
Bread style text generated with Fotors AI text effect generator

How to Apply a Text Effect with Fotor?

  • Click the “Generate a Text Effect” button to get started.
  • Type the detailed description of the text effect you want in the text bubble.
  • You can adjust the number and style of the AI-generated text effect on the right menu bar.
  • Click “Generate” once you have finished your descriptions for the text effect as detailed as possible to get the best output.
  • Fianlly, click the download button to save the image.
Generate a Text Effect