How the background remover can be put to good use?



As an AI tool, background remover can magically transform the background of a picture into transparency in seconds.

The first glance may impress you, but you may not think of an occasion where you could use it. In fact, there are many!

For a portrait photo, you can remove its original background and simply change the background color to make a profile picture or an ID photo quickly.

Or, with further customized design, you can create a YouTube thumbnail or a poster of your own.

For an animal photo, especially your beloved pets, just make a nice wallpaper or meme with their fluffy cute face.

For marketing, clearing and changing the background of the original photo of your product. Now level up your design and make it more appealing!

For accelerating business and amaze your customers, professional product photos with scratchy brand is significant. With Fotor, embed logos with ease!

Isn’t that easy? Let’s have a try!

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