VRChat Avatar Maker

Create a stunning avatar for VRChat with our AI VRChat avatar maker, which empowers you to create a unique virtual character from a photo or text description, and bring your imagination to life.

Step into VRChat with a custom avatar now!

Three AI 3d VR Chat avatars generated by Fotors ai avatar generator
Convert a woman portrait into different styles of anime Vrchat avatars with Fotor

Transfer Your Selfie into a Stunning VRChat Avatar

Transform your ordinary photo into a breathtaking virtual anime character avatar for VRChat with AI, immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring world of our VRChat avatar maker. All you need to do is upload your selfie or portrait and choose an AI avatar style you like. Then, watch in awe as your likeness is meticulously transformed into a stunning avatar. Creating a free VRChat avatar online has never been easier!

Create a VRChat Avatar
Generate a realistic 3d Vrchat avatar from text with Fotors avatar generator

VRChat Avatar Maker from Text

With our cutting-edge AI technology, you can now effortlessly transform the text into vibrant VRChat avatars. Simply provide a detailed description, and watch as our VRChat avatar maker brings your words to life, creating a personalized VRChat avatar that reflects your vision. Whether for gaming, or virtual reality, the AI avatar generator empowers you to manifest your ideas into captivating virtual AI portraits and bring your characters to life!

Create a VRChat Avatar
Different styles of AI avatars generated by Fotor AI image generator

Different Art Styles in VRChat Avatar Maker

Our VRChat avatar maker offers an array of avatar styles to suit your preferences, from 3D character and oil painting to realistic photography. Transform into a cyberpunk character, a mythical creature, or even an animated character from your favorite movie, our VRChat avatar creator enables you to create avatars that truly stand out in the virtual realm. With an extensive library of customizable options, express your unique personality and immerse yourself in the vibrant VRChat community.

Create a VRChat Avatar
Convert a portrait to an anime avatar for social media profile

Make Your AI Avatar Standout on Social Media

Create an AI avatar that captures attention and sparks conversations across social media platforms. Aside from creating 3D VRChat avatars, our AI profile picture generator can also create diverse styles of avatars suitable for different social media profiles, amplifying your online presence. With this innovative tool, you can choose from a wide range of customizable AI avatars. Whether it is for Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok, these personalized profile pics foster meaningful interactions and enhance your digital identity across the online sphere.

Create a VRChat Avatar
Generate a 3d girl avatar from text in Fotor

How to Make a VRChat Avatar?

  • Click the “Create a VRChat Avatar” button to get started.
  • Click "From Image" and upload your own image to the VRChat avatar maker. Then, choose a style you like, and watch your image be transered into a stunning anime avatar in seconds.
  • If you prefer generate your avatart from text. Just click “From Text” and type text descriptions of the desire character looking in the text bubble, remember to describe as detail as possible. You can adjust the style and number of images on the left toolbar.
  • Wait a few seconds and you will get your avatar for VRChat.
  • Finally, download desire generated VRChat avatar image.
Create a VRChat Avatar