How to Make A Fresher Resume with No Experience: Pro Guides & CV Templates

Summary: This is a post share shares practical tips and guides for freshers to make an impressive resume with no experience. For graduates, it is of great importance to present your skills and competitiveness for your first job application.

fresher resume with no experience

Resumes matter a lot for job application, which is the concise and contextual material to tell the job interviewee or HR about your expertise or your experience.

However, for those graduates with no formal work experience, it may be hard to complete the resume and perfect it to help you stand out from the competitive interviewers when the job hunt season comes.

Have no idea about how to create a resume for a job? Or do you find it difficult to make it excellent for the job hunt?

Relax, and let our pro guides get you through the challenging fresher resume creation!

Preparation for the First Job Resume

Before making a resume, you can’t hush to fill out the resume template blindly. Instead, you should do some preparations to ensure you are not wasting time and doing meaningless work.

Below we list three things you should do to help you have a basic concept of what is a perfect resume and which resume format truly suits you.

Learn from Good CV Examples for First Job

a man taking notes before a laptop

A lot of people may think it’s useless to learn and summarize the good or sparkling points from those successful resumes shared online.

It does help.

From the resume examples, there must be something that highlights the competitiveness of the job hunter. Pay attention to the main parts, layout, and expression to introduce and magnify their skills and talents.

Most importantly, observe how they arrange the sequence of each part, and try to figure out why. You must know that HR views and reads piles of resumes, and the sequence will impact their judgment on you.

Think and Sketch What Should Be Concluded in Your Resume

Next, you should think and sketch an outline for your fresher resume. By the way, asking for suggestions can be a good idea after you’ve written an outline.

Sketch your resume based on your information and the job requirements you are applying for.

The following sections are the parts you should conclude, at least.

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Summary

What comes to the fresher resumes with no working experience?

Worry not, just consider it as:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Education
  • Campus Experience/Honor
  • Internship Experience
  • Projects Examples
  • Skills
  • Summary

If you have special campus experience or internships before you graduate, you can list them out to summarize your harvest. A lot of HR and job interviewees are interested in your personal experience, especially how it affects and shapes you.

Figure Out Your Resume Format

a group of people write on paper

Resume formats play an important role. It organizes your resume information, and highlights your strengths, helping the HR and interviewee quickly scan and grab your background, skills, and qualifications. Thus, you should know the main three resume formats, and choose which one suits your first job application.

  • Chronological Resume: As the traditional resume format, a chronological resume, is the one that presents and lists your work experience and history in reverse chronological order.
  • Functional Resume: Different from the chronological resume format, it focuses on your expertise, skills, qualifications, and accomplishments.
  • Combination Resume: As the name suggests, it is the format that combines the chronological and functional resume styles. It’s preferred by many people, as it can both present the expertise and work backward.

Thus, for freshers with no experience, you should know which resume format suits you best: functional resume or combination resume format. You should emphasize your potential and capabilities rather than your work history.

How to Make Resume for Freshers [Step by Step]

Ok, now you’ve got prepared for your resume making, let’s get started to make and polish your resume with no experience.

Lay Out Your Contact Information

This is the very step, as you have to introduce yourself and tell the hiring managers how can they contact you and reach out to you.

Include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your current address
  • Your email address
  • Extra information like LinkedIn profile

Emphasize Your Education & Campus Experience & Honor

a lady reading a resume

As we have mentioned above, your backgrounds matter, especially when your job requires a specific major or educational background.

Freshers can fully take advantage of this part, as your direct work experience is none.

You have to cover your education background:

  • Your highest degree (followed by other degrees)
  • The full name of your university, college, or educational institution
  • Your graduation year
  • GPA (optional)

Plus, you can highlight your first job resume with extra experience with honor.

List your special campus experience that teaches you something helpful for the job position. Noticeably, you can write your honor of crucial importance to prove yourself with authoritativeness. Make sure that it is concise and ignores every unimportant detail.

Highlight Your Internship or Projects

Since you have no direct work experience, you should highlight your internship or the projects you’ve participated in. As these precious experiences are showcasing you have the potential and competence for the job, and it’s a direct way to raise the stakes for job hunting.

Consider following parts:

  • The job title of your internship
  • Your internship company
  • Dates of your internship
  • Responsibilities of your internship

Scale Your Skills, Especially Extra Competitive Skills

two resumes on the table

For the freshers who have no experience, showcasing your skills is one thing you have to carefully craft. You can list all the skills you are good at, especially some that make you stand out from the rest, such as professional certificates, or a second language.

All the skills should be related to the job position you are applying for. And don’t forget to scale them with different level marks.

Include a Summary or Give an Objective Statement

At the end of your resume, you should include a summary or a statement to convey your career goals and qualifications, making a strong first impression on the hiring manager.

You need to make it concise and limit it to 50 - 70 words, as HR may just quickly skim this part within a very short time. This part is the conclusive one to retell your competence and competitiveness.

Ok, congratulations! You’ve learned how to write a resume with no experience.

What comes next is design and make your resume.

Bonus: Simplify Your Resume Creation with Well-Crafted Resume Templates

If you are building your resume for the first time, you should find yourself a suitable and amazing template and customize it as needed.

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It may be hard to create a perfect resume, especially if you are a job hunter with no experience. Read our step-by-step and pro guides to help you build your resume from the very start to the end. You can know what to include in each part and how to make it better. Hope you find this blog helpful!