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Fotor Photo Text

Fotor's Add Text feature allows you to pull fonts directly from your computer as well as from our many online fonts so you can add text directly on your photos. Our versatile settings allow you to select color, size, leading rotation and opacity. It also includes options such as bold/italic, indentation, and the ability to move the text forward or backward behind other texts and shapes. You’ll love it!

Text Guide

1. Open fotor and select Text
2. Select Insert Text
3. Click on the text box in the photo and type your text inside
4. Select from your local or our online fonts
5. Select color, size, leading, rotation, and opacity
6. You can also choose bold/italic, move forward or back, and indentation
7. Click on the text box to manually rotate, delete, or zoom in and out
8. Don't forget to save it!

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